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Collecting seashells on the beaches of Sanibel, Captiva and the world

As The Seashell Pile Turns

excavating seashells

 The shell pile at Blind Pass is growing bigger and bigger by the day. Literally!  I saw cutie Shelling Sisters Martha, Janet and Lois sifting through the millions of KITTENS PAWS and ARKS to find OLIVES, WHELKS and CONCHS. Check out Martha’s Tank and Lois’ cap! Adorable!

martha janet lois

 Look how high this shell pile is now.

BP 12.29.12

I know I’ve shown the changes in the beach at Blind Pass Captiva before but …it blows my mind how dramatic the changes can be in one month. Here is exactly one month ago November 29…

BP 11.29.12

Then I took this photo on December 5…

BP 12.5.12

Then on December 18…

BP 12.18.12

December 22…

BP 12.22.12

December 23…

BP 12.23.12

Then again today December 29…

BP 12.29.12

Isn’t that wild? So the next time you step foot on the beach at Blind Pass Captiva, you will probably see drastic changes as well and will probably find different shells than you did before. That’s what keeps it interesting!

seashelling captiva

Thank you so much for all of your lovely comments on my photos on the last post Sanibel Sunrise Whekcome Mat ! In the last photo on that post, I showed a girl with a bucket bending down to inspect a shell while the sun was rising, remember? I looooved her perfect Sanibel Stoop. Well I saw her again at Blind Pass today! Here is Alexa with her mom Laurey from PA (too).

alexa laurey seashelling

PS- As I write this post, the wind has shifted from east winds to strong north west winds gusting up to 20 mph. Yippee! That’s a good sign that even more shells might be pushed on to our beaches and that this nice shell pile at Blind Pass Captiva will be staying for a few more days.




  1. Thats a HUGE shell pile. Your previous pictures in December does a great job showing what a huge difference one week after another makes. The shell pile now is like a “cliff” when you show the side view of it. I cant believe how deep it is. Talk about sitting and sifting.

    More shells on top of whats already can that be, the pile is already huge. Geez, at this rate the shell pile will still be there when I get days til I leave!!

    Hope those winds blow good stuff in for the shellabaloo!! Looked at extended forcast and it says rain Thurs., Friday & Saturday..doesnt say anything bout wind though but usually where there is rain, thete are winds!! Bring it on!! Lol

  2. Pile? What pile? Just kidding….that is ONE HUMONGOUS PILE!!!!! I’m salivating just looking that all those shells, Pam. Sure hope them winds will blow at the end of March and beginning of April…Rick and I are coming to Sanibel!!!!! I am so excited. It’s our 30th wedding anniversary and we’re comin’ shelling! So keep the pics and entries coming. They will sustain us until we come across the causeway on March 28th! Happy New Year!

    • We will come to sanibel too in March,23rd. For us it will be the first time spending in Florida. We are inspired by this blog because I am collecting seashells for many years. We wish all the bloggers happy new year and best shelling. Dorit and Stefan from Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, Germany at 40°F…

  3. Oh my goodness! Talk about change! What a great series of interesting photos Pam!

  4. How amazing! My hubby and I were just talking about how different the beach can be at Canaveral. Sometimes we go and it looks like it has been washed clean! Then a few days ago…piles of shells! I love the ocean! It’s always changing!

  5. That makes me want to get on a plane and head down right now. Drooling!!!

  6. Wow….my shelling fingers are itching!!! Wow.

  7. Love the pictures that show those amazing changes in the beach at Blind Pass. Hard to believe how quickly they come and go!
    Can’t wait till March when I get back there!

  8. I cannot wait until my boyfriend and I reach Sanibel Island tomorrow! We are going to be hitting the Chamber of Commerce tomorrow then straight to Blind Pass. We have never been this far south for shelling. Like Roxanne said, my fingers are itching to go shelling!

  9. great photos to show the changes!! Thanks, Pam! The beaches are getting ready for the shellabaloo!! woo hoo!!

  10. I have seen so many great pics of this area, what is the best way to get to this beach area? I looked at your map link, so I’m pretty sure I’d park in the lot at the south tip of captiva, but are these pictures you posted on the north side of the bridge or the south side of the bridge?? Coming in Feb so can’t help but start planning :) Thank you!

    • Donna, Allow me to answer for Pam. When you see the bridge that crosses the water seperating Sanibel and Captiva, you are there. Go to the far side of the bridge (Captiva Side) and there is a parking lot on the left. From the parking lot go straigt towards the ocean and you will see the jetty rocks in the picture. Once you are there you can’t miss it.

      There is also a small parking lot on the Sanibel side – right as the bridge ends. Sometimes Pam takes pictures from that side too but the pictures above are from the Captiva side. I hope this helps. I will be there in Feb too. Maybe I will see you there.

  11. Pam- we’re staying on west gulf dr in late Jan- low tides are early am- if I drive up to captiva blind pass at dawn will I be able to park? do many others do the same? the lot looks quite small….thanks for your thoughts!

    • Sue, in January you won’t have a problem parking. There is a parking lot on both sides of the pass so if the captiva side is full (which i doubt it will be)then park on the other side.

  12. My shell shovel hand is itching to start digging into that huge pile. I love it when it gets that high because when you pull some of the pile into the waves the water does all the work for you. See ya in a few weeks.

  13. We just arrived last night in Ft. Myers! This is my first time back in 25 years, and I get to bring my hubby and kids. Bring on the shells and the memories……we are so excited!

  14. Ok everyone, now I got itchy fingers…. Pam the comparison is mind blowing, what Mother Nature can do is amazing!!! Keep those pics coming.

    Itchy fingers like everyone else!!

    Mary Ann Preston
    East Granby CT

  15. As I see your photos and how quickly the shoreline changes in amount of shells available or not, I had a thought come to mind. It is like the sea offers up her treasures, but you have to claim them fast because she takes them back as quickly as she gave them up. What a tease she is.

    For our 35th anniversary, my husband & I are planning to spend Christmas 2014 on Captiva & Sanibel. We hope to be there for two weeks if possible. I look forward to being back there and do some serious shelling!

  16. Hi Pam,
    Kuddos to Martha, Lois and Janet. I will be with
    Them on Wednesday, it’s my birthday, so that
    Is where I want to be. Had to fly home for Christmas.
    Happy New Year Everyone!

  17. OMG Such big changes in such little time!

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