excavating seashells

 The shell pile at Blind Pass is growing bigger and bigger by the day. Literally!  I saw cutie Shelling Sisters Martha, Janet and Lois sifting through the millions of KITTENS PAWS and ARKS to find OLIVES, WHELKS and CONCHS. Check out Martha’s Tank and Lois’ cap! Adorable!

martha janet lois

 Look how high this shell pile is now.

BP 12.29.12

I know I’ve shown the changes in the beach at Blind Pass Captiva before but …it blows my mind how dramatic the changes can be in one month. Here is exactly one month ago November 29…

BP 11.29.12

Then I took this photo on December 5…

BP 12.5.12

Then on December 18…

BP 12.18.12

December 22…

BP 12.22.12

December 23…

BP 12.23.12

Then again today December 29…

BP 12.29.12

Isn’t that wild? So the next time you step foot on the beach at Blind Pass Captiva, you will probably see drastic changes as well and will probably find different shells than you did before. That’s what keeps it interesting!

seashelling captiva

Thank you so much for all of your lovely comments on my photos on the last post Sanibel Sunrise Whekcome Mat ! In the last photo on that post, I showed a girl with a bucket bending down to inspect a shell while the sun was rising, remember? I looooved her perfect Sanibel Stoop. Well I saw her again at Blind Pass today! Here is Alexa with her mom Laurey from PA (too).

alexa laurey seashelling

PS- As I write this post, the wind has shifted from east winds to strong north west winds gusting up to 20 mph. Yippee! That’s a good sign that even more shells might be pushed on to our beaches and that this nice shell pile at Blind Pass Captiva will be staying for a few more days.