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Collecting seashells on the beaches of Sanibel, Captiva and the world

When The Seashells Come Rolling In

captiva shelling october

The islands get happy. The strong winds and rain that belted the islands the past few days are paying off with seashells! The shells are rolling in and piling up all along the beaches of Captiva.  The first person I saw this morning was Michelle from Toronto with her 2 huge LIGHTNING WHELKS…

michelle toronto

 Look at this huge ALPHABET CONE and KING’S CROWN in her shell jug….

michelle's shell jug

Then I heard a “Woohoo!” from somebody. It was Lois from PA …

louis pa scotch bonnet

 with a perfectly beautiful SCOTCH BONNET in her hand…

scotch bonnet lois bonnet lois

 Okay, this is really cool. Get this….She told me she has been shelling for 40 years and that she has kept a life list of shells she has found. She has 347 different types of shells on her life list. You hear that yall? You can start counting your shell finds to have a shell life list of your own if you want.

scotch bonnet

 Charity from Ohio was finding lots of WHELKS…

Charity with whelk captiva

 Get a load of this big honkin chunk-a CORAL she found too…

chunk of coral captiva

Joyce from Long Island, NY shows us her FLORIDA CONE and big shell bag filled with goodies.

joyce Long island shell bag

 Look at Loretta from Texas with her great piece of WORM ROCK (and her cutie iLoveShelling hat!!!) …

beach after storm 10-20-11 025

photo by Diana Taylor

I saw great shells along every stretch of beach on Captiva today and heard that someone found a nice size LION’S PAW right in front of Captiva Island Yacht Club. I also heard the Sanibel was rocking too!

Captiva shells October

I haven’t even gone through all of my photos or much less taken photos of my own finds from today but I will hopefully get to that tomorrow….if I’m not too busy finding new treasures! Enjoy the shelling whether you are on the coast or doing a little fun cybershelling.

Captiva seashells october 2011


  1. I’m flying in from the West Coast tomorrow. What’s the shelling forecast look like for this weekend?

  2. O.M.G.!!!!!

  3. WOW! look at all those shells! Sure wish I could be there! I miss Sanibel so much!

  4. I started keeping a birding life list years ago– never thought of doing a shelling life list. Thanks for a new idea for enjoying shelling!

  5. Love that SB! Congrats on your awesome findings, all!

  6. AARGGGH! Still 2 weeks to go before we get there..!! As usual my timing is off!! Maybe it’ll happen again while I’m there!! I got so excited I read through you blog so fast that I had to read it again to make sure I saw everything. So silly I know, one day I will be there during all these great times…**I hope** Thanks so much for the updates Pam!!

  7. That scotch bonnet is beautiful. What a great bunch of shells!

  8. Aaaaaacccckkkk!!!!! Please let them be there when I get down there. Please let them still be there when I get down there. Please, Please, Please!!!

    Think that’ll work?!?

  9. OMG! jealous jealous jealous. Hope you find more wonderful treasures today!

  10. I am sooooo jealous…..why couldn’t our fall break be this week instead of last? sigh…..although going out with Louise (waterwoman adventures) did net me some pretty good shells that weren’t on the beaches of Sanibel during my stay and like I said before, I had my “iloveshelling” tote stuffed with shells and carried it all through two airports and itr held up wonderfully! I bet it weighed 30 lbs!!

    I am trying to decide when to come back – I do not want to come during “season” but dont want to come either in summer or wait to until next fall – any suggestions?

  11. I love it! I miss Sanibel so much and I was just there in June. Loretta is my Mom.. Go Mom! I know she is loving those piles of shells at Blind Pass.

  12. Hey Pam, were these Captiva photos taken near the jetty at the south end? AWESOME shelling! Can you park on the Sanibel side and walk over to Captiva (how far is that)? :)

  13. AWESOME! Can’t wait to see your next set of photos, Pam. Looks like you could sit there for days! LOL Love it.

  14. but there are no shells left on Sanibel….lol;)

  15. Drooling!! Found you from Trip Advisor – we’ll be there Nov 10 for a week to stay in MurexKen’s condo and I am COUNTING THE DAYS! Nothing like shell/sharks tooth/etc hunting! Love your site :-)

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