There are days when you totally know you’re in the right place at the right time. Since returning from my shelling trip to Eleuthera, after a few days I finally checked my iLoveShelling Facebook page to find to see what I missed on our local beaches. Omigosh I got this wonderful post from Todd Schwartz….




Vroom… Vroom… I hopped in the car to check it out. Yes! The shells were still there and only 3 people were sifting through the pile. (The waves can take the shells back to the sea as quickly as they come in so I had no idea if they would still be there since it was the day before when Todd posted)

So I dove right in to shelling when this guy in the blue shirt looks at me … “Are you Pam?” hahaha “Uhhh yea”. It was Todd!


He was back again and just had found a gorgeous GAUDY NATICA.


I turned around and Annie found this perfect ZIGZAG FLAT SCALLOP.


Just as I was about to leave, this empty LIGHTNING WHELK rolled up in the waves. It was a pretty special moment because Sue and I sorta found it together (long story). It was one of those mornings that the 4 of us were in the right place at the right time.


Thank you for posting that photo so I didn’t miss this awesome day.

finding shells on sanibel captiva

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