seashells of southwest florida

To walk the beach on a warm winter’s day in December is such a gift.

Florida beach with shells

And to take a stroll on that warm beach littered with seashells is priceless!

beach combing shell finds

Bruce and Mariah from Richmond, VA joined us for a great day to share this sunny beach on Big Hickory Island on an iLoveShelling Sight Sea-R Cruises shelling adventure this week.

shellers with beach combing finds

They found such a great variety shells and bling right away. Look at that amazing dark brown FLORIDA WORM SHELL with its teeny tiny tip still in tact.

seashells coral and sand dollar

Wendell and Wendy (Alabama) started collecting all sorts of cool stuff…

beach combers on sw florida island

From an incredibly lacy LACE MUREX to SEA PEARLS to a PEAR WHELK EGG CASE to striking WEST INDIAN CERITHS.

shells found on Florida beach combing tour

Denese and Missy (Indianapolis) found some awesome SAND DOLLARS.

Finding Florida sand dollars

We find really cool chunks of CORAL on this beach every time but Linda and Jamie found a huge hunk that will be such a beautiful piece of sculpture.

finding Florida coral

Well look at Sue! She has found a love for the micros and minis and found a perfect spot loaded with MARGINELLAS, RICE, DRILLS and other tiny sweet shells to filled her mini vials with her big tweezers. Love that (insert that little love symbol you make with your two thumbs smooshed together with knuckles bent over to make the shape of a heart- heehee).

collecting miniature shells

My buddies Martha and Marie always have a good time on every beach they step foot on and now they’ve converted another sheller… Duane.

iLoveShelling tee shirts on a shell trip

He’s even perfected the Sanibel Stoop pose!

picking up shells on the beach by jetty groin

With calm clear water and sunshine, I felt lots of peace from Diana and Sam (California).

soaking up Florida sunshine

Peace. And awesomeness.

coral and shells on a pier with bird

I always love to see families like Janet, Benny, Bethany, Donna, Joyce and Andrew visiting from Virginia, Maryland and Florida’s east coast taking a beach combing day like this to get together. It was so much fun to meet y’all!

boat cruise to find shells

And look at those CONES Janet found- oooooo. A perfect ALPHABET and FLORIDA CONE pair.


So happy to meet and hang out with shellers Ellen, Judy, Bob and Kathy traveling from Vermont and New Hampshire. Boating and beaching- does it get better than that?

beach combers on a boat trip


Its really cool to get out on our shelling cruise boat since its not all about just shells. Its about the whole adventure getting to a secluded island and enjoying the wildlife too. We had a pod of DOLPHINS swimming right beside our boat so we all were able to see them jumping and playing.

mother dolphin

One of the baby DOLPHINS liked showing off for us too- so cute!

baby dolphin


And we have silliness of course too- My fave of the day…. Dawn and Corly (Iowa) found THE best beach bling and shell. Dawn found this funny plastic ALLIGATOR in the high wrack line (its crazy since we really don’t have that much trash on Big Hickory Island) and Corly put her awesome ALPHABET CONE in its mouth. An ALPHAGATOR! hahaha

best beach bling and seashell

We all got to celebrate even more after I handed out $25 gift certificates to Sealife By Congress as I do on every iLoveShelling cruise. Oh yaya baby.

Sealife By Congress Jewelers

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peaceful beach with seashells and calm water