seashells and salty air

Skies of blue with seashells in view.

Assortment of shells from Big Hickory

Snorkeling clear water,

snorkeling Lee County Florida

Miss SAND DOLLAR, yep, he got her!

sand dollar in clear water

Sarah, Tamara and Jay (CT) snorkeled, stooped and combed the beaches of Big Hickory Island on our iLoveShelling adventure with Sight Sea-R Cruises this week. (Sarah- Im so dang sorry I caught you with your eyes closed… but even with your eyes closed you’re a cutie!)

Sarah Tamara Jay CT snorkel and beachcomb Florida island

They found some awesome seashells and beach bling treasures.

shells and sand dollars collected in SW Florida

Meg from WI found a nice shellection (second photo from the top).

Meg WI find shells in clear blue water of sw Florida

Bill and Lisa from Ohio…

Lisa Bill Ohio on Rambo shelling trip

Showed me their shell faves that included a ROSE PETAL TELLIN, SUNRAY VENUS, WHELKS, CORAL, OLIVES and a sweet little “candy corn” HORSE CONCH.

Bill and Lisa's shells from Florida shelling day trip

Michele and Kendall from Wisconsin …

Michele Kendall WI find shells on Florida shelling trip

had some great faves too- ALPHABET CONE, SHARKS EYE, SAND DOLLAR, TULIP, CONCHS, WHELKS and a gorgeous little MAUVE MOUTH DRILL.

great shell finds lee county florida

Bea from Seminole, FL had lots of luck with the ROSE PETAL TELLINS and also found a sweet BROAD PAPER COCKLE ;).

Seminole Bea collects shells on Florida island

This is so cool… Linda and Diane just happen to sit beside each other on the boat ride over to the island and found out that they only lived about 10 minutes from each other in Massachusetts. And… they had worked at the same company, knew all the same people and had the same routine. Omigosh- How cool that they met on a shelling trip in Florida!
Linda and Diane from MA met shelling in Florida
Malease from Ft Lauderdale…

Malease Ft Lauderdale with shells

found an exshellent assortment of shells too. Notice that she found a few SHARKS EYES (some are buried under the other shells too) but that one on bottom right has that SNAIL FUR on it. It’s funny how often we see that on Big Hickory.

Malease shells from shelling trip to Big Hickory Island

Brad, Beau, Gillian, Sand, Kathy and Hayley (New Mexico) found some awesome shells too.

New Mexico Brad, Beau, Gillian, Sand, Kathy, Hayley on Florida shelling cruise

Brad found a nice ALPHABET CONE, Beau and Hayley found some huge chunks of CORAL and everyone found WORMIES!

coral pieces worm shells and conchs in sw florida

It was an abshellutely gorgeous day!

Sea Shell tour boat with Pam Rambo i Love Shelling

shellers on big hickory

Its so much fun to see so many familiar faces and as Linda and Diane met each other, its nice for me to meet new shelling friends as well.. like Cynthia.

pam rambo i love shelling with Cynthia on shelling adventure

Just another reason why i Love Shelling!

i heart shells and turquoise nails

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