Pam Rambo Films Shell Collecting

Boom Shellalaka! It was so stinkin fun to see this spectacsheller empty HORSE CONCH wash up with the tide… but to actually film the whole thing on video so you can see exactly what I experienced? A-mazing! It was like an out of body experience to know I would be able to relive it again too.

Sanibel seashell on the beach at sunset

I told y’all the story about my fab find on my last post (CLICK HERE) but it took a while to get the video downloaded … But with pershellverance, its up and running. I know, I know… its long (over 6 minutes) but I didn’t edit anything or make it shorter so you could see all the other cool stuff that washed up … And… to show you that if I didn’t take a minute to enjoy watching the birds, I would have missed it entirely! Thank you for being so adorable, Ms. WILLET and Mr RING-BILLED GULL, you lead me to my prize find.

Enjoy your beach walk with me and have fun finding a surprise shell!

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