flat zig zag scallop purple bp

This ZIG ZAG FLAT SCALLOP is flat out gorgeous. I saw Barb from GA coming off the beach last night at Blind Pass with a bag filled with shells so I had to ask what she found.

Barb GA captiva sunset florida

She found five FLATS, OLIVES, TULIPS and a few other goodies (including that awesome piece of CORAL) as she waded in the water along the shore of Captiva. Now you can see how big that beautiful purple FLAT is…

seashells and sun flowers

There is a beach renourishment project on the northern end of Captiva right now so I’m sure some of that sand has shifted south already with the wind and currents. I haven’t been shelling near the dredging site since it began because there is no public parking. Rats! Besides the Blind Pass (Turner Beach) parking, there is only one other Captiva public parking lot – Alison Hagerup lot… but that is closed to the public until they move the project equipment. Can you believe how much sand has filled in near the jetty rocks? Hmmm… but not many shells on the beach- only sand. Yall know how fast the beach can change so if I know of any shell piles showing up, I’ll keep you posted. But remember, Barb found her shells in the water.

sand beach blind pass captiva

As Barb and I talked about her shells, the sun was setting right in front of us. Ahhhhh. I love a Captiva sunset.

captiva sunset 3 palms

 PS- I just heard there are a few shells at Bowman’s Beach as well. After adding this sunset photo, I saw that Lisa S. posted this next photo on iLS Facebook page. She said “I had to really work for it, but these beauties were all found on Bowman’s Beach today! I was so excited to find my first Alphabet cone!” Congrats on finding your first Alphie Lisa!

lisa spencer shells bowmans beach sanibel

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