The Sanibel Stoop calendar i Love Shelling

The new Calendar is here! You’ve asked for something fun this year and I think you’re gonna loooove it. This year the new 12 Month Calendar is all about our favorite past time… The Sanibel Stoop!

january calendar sanibel stoop shelling

Day or night, it’s the favorite posture for any sheller… bent at the waist to get a closer look at what might be the shell of your dreams.

september calendar sanibel stoop sunrise

We stoop to feed our curiosity and wonderment of seeing a new world unfold before us.

july calendar sanibel stoop boy

Stooping is just a natural part of being on any beach. Because of the world class shelling on Sanibel, this bent over stance acquired name all of it’s own… the Sanibel Stoop.

calendar sanibel stoop sunrise shelling

I was so excited to get my first copy of the new Sanibel Stoop calendar in the mail yesterday, I raced to the beach to take a few pictures of it. As I was shooting the photo of the March calendar image featuring a group of ladies doing the Sanibel Stoop

ladies sanibel stoop hats and bucket March calendar

I got so tickled at what I saw! I looked up from my lens to see a beach full of shellers doing the Sanibel Stoop! LOL So I took a picture of that March calendar image (of a group of ladies doing the Sanibel Stoop) while there was real group of ladies doing the Sanibel Stoop in the background of the shot. Bahahaha I’m still giddy from seeing that!

March Sanibel Stoop Calendar with ladies on Beach

 Another fun thing about this 12 month Sanibel Stoop Calendar? You can choose the month/year you want the calendar to start! So if you can’t wait to start using this new calendar, you can start it for next month- you dont have to wait until January. It’s your choice! In this next picture, I’ve highlighted in red the area where you choose your month so if you want the date to start in January, you have to change the date in the drop down menu. Cool, huh?

Sanibel Stoop Calendar Ad

I have met so many of you Sanibel Stoop-ers on the beach so it was very hard to only choose 12 from some of my posts. So these are my favorites and I hope you like them too! Even if you Stoop on other island beaches or along the coast in another part of the world, I’m sure you have perfected the Sanibel Stoop as well… so have fun with it! This would be a perfect Christmas or birthday gift as well so don’t forget about your favorite Sanibel Stoop-er.  Click on the next image or CLICK HERE and get Stooping shopping!

sanibel stoop calendar

Happy Stooping!