collecting shells sanibel captiva island

The shell pile at Blind Pass Captiva is growing! Within the past 48 hours I have checked this beach about 7 times and I have seen the beach change from thousands of shells to just a handful of shells…but now (at least it was about noon) the shell pile is bigger than ever! I had to come back home for a few minutes but I’m going back to shell again so I thought I’d just give you an update… The shelling is great!

blind pass shells right now

If you arent in the area, I hope you saw the video from yesterday so you could do a little CYBER-SHELLING to get a shelling fix too. Today I thought I’d give you a CYBERSHELLING photo so you could look through the pile and do a little shelling again. I really didn’t see what else was around this gorgeous LIGHTNING WHELK before I took this photo so maybe there’s something else in there. I hope you find the WHELK and something else too you like. More photos to come later but for now… Gone Shelling.

cyber shelling september 2013 captiva

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