susan shelling captiva beach of seashells

I felt like a kid in a candy store yesterday! Steady west winds pushed a beautiful pile of shells rich with colors of yellow and orange. Look at that yummy GAUDY NATICA, sweet LIGHTNING WHELK, delicious BANDED TULIP and scrumptious HORSE CONCH!

seashells tulip gaudy natica Sanibel captiva florida

Patricia is going to have some really nice souvenirs for her memories of this amazing day… to take back all the way to Germany.

patricia germany visits sanibel shells

Ericksen, Isabella, Anastasia and their parents Brian and Cheryl were making great memories too…

ericksen, isabella, anastasia, brian, cheryl shelling family shells

Anastisia showed me her faves… an ALPHABET CONE and a HORSE CONCH. Candy!

orange shells cone conch beach bucket

Cheryl was tickled pink to find a GAUDY NATICA too along with some other exshellent treasures…

seashells in a pink shell bucket captiva sanibel florida

Becky and her daughter Pam were having a ball looking through that big shell pile while Rich searched the water. Awwwwwe! I loved meeting you Becky!

Becky, rich, pam memphis visit shelling sanibel

Since I posted photos yesterday of the huge WHELKS Clairissa found (CLICK HERE TO SEE), I’ve had lots of people ask me if she was snorkeling or if she was working the deep water to find those trophies. She wasn’t snorkeling and she didn’t have a net- she was zig zagging the water with her feet and hands. You can see for yourself because I just realized she was in the background of Becky’s picture above. That’s Clairissa on the far back left … and here she is when I snapped a random photo before I met her….

sky water clairissa blind pass captiva

It’s been raining on and off (for days on end) so yesterday I went home in between rain showers to dry off and get changed. But my curiosity got the best of me so I had to go back around 5-ish. Talk about candy! I found 4 “candy corns” (I havent called them that in a long time!) right away.

found shells of sanibel island captiva florida

 I didn’t even dress for the occasion of going back to the beach so my jeans were completely soaked. I couldnt help but get in. LOL

blogger pam shelling sanibel captiva blind pass

Could you pass this up either?

shells wash on shore sanibel captiva

Ready for the video of the shelling yesterday? Be prepared to have quick vision because as you will see, I’m a little excited … to say the least… so the camera moves a little fast but you’ll see me pick up shell after shell. At the end of the vid, you’ll even see Clairissa still working that water for a split second. Funny, huh? She’s probably horrified I keep talking about her – heehee- but geeez, we all want to know every little secret of finding shells like that. And we are all just jealous!


 But…. here’s the sad news. I went back to Blind Pass Captiva early this morning (in the rain) to see if there was even a bigger pile. No! The west winds picked up even more but took the shells out again. When this rough water calms down again, we’ll see the shells again- I’m sure of it so of course I’ll keep you posted. UPDATE: Shells are back!

gulf of mexico water and shells

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