susan cape coral sand dollar cayo costa

Last week’s Captiva Cruise during Shellabaloo turned in to paartay cruise! We had so many fun people aboard like Lily-Pink-Bikini-Susan (Cape Coral) who was thrilled to find her first SAND DOLLAR. Deana from New Jersey kept us in stitches on the boat but was an eagle eye on the beach finding shells. I met her last year at this same time after Hurricane Isaac and she had just found an ANGEL WING.  Check out my post from last year from Labor Day weekend with Deana (CLICK HERE)– the shelling was incredible! Wanna guess what she found this year too? Yep! She found another ANGEL WING! What are the chances?

deana new jersey angel wing cayo costa

I had so much fun talking to Lisa from Atlanta and was so happy for her when she found an ARROWHEAD SAND DOLLAR… and a HORSE CONCH. The HORSE CONCH was a little beat up but she loves those big shells like I love my “yard shells”.

Lisa Atlanta arrowhead sand dollar horse conch cayo costa

Woop! Woop! Christine (Ft Lauderdale) found a big whole HORSE CONCH while snorkeling in about waist deep water. It might look a little green and gunky right now, but I think this shell is gonna clean up to be a beautiful trophy!

Christine horse conch cayo costa

Little cutie petutie Alex is holding a really nice LIGHTNING WHELK almost as big as she is! Her dad Jason (West Palm Beach, FL) asked me how to clean it up and I told him about my step by step tutorial – CLICK HERE. I think they will be surprised how well it will look once its cleaned. I asked him where they found it and he told me another gal on the cruise gave it to Alex. OMG How sweet!

jason alex whelk cayo costa

The gal that gave away that beautiful shell is Sally. She said she was so happy with the ALPHABET CONE she found that she felt like she didn’t need the WHELK as well. Such a generous heart, Beautiful Sweet Sally…

alphabet cone sally cayo costa cruise

Our voyage back to Captiva on the water was like looking at smooth blue glass. So picturesque…

boat on captiva blue water

…with a few DOLPHIN in our wake. Thanks to all of you awesome shellers for such an amazing day!

useppa florida dolphin

Join us on another iLoveShelling Cruise! CLICK HERE for dates and information.

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