shellabaloo 2 shellers with pam rambo

An amazing group of 24 shellers have gotten together from all over the country (and even Canada and Cuba!) to share the Shellabaloo 2 shelling experience on Sanibel and Captiva! It all started last night with cocktails and fabulous dinner at Island Inn Sanibel to share in our excitement for the next few days of our shelling adventure. Our dreams came true after seeing the shellacious shell pile waiting for us at Blind Pass Captiva this morning.

captiva shell shellabaloo


There were oodles of shells waiting to be uncovered. Terri found a gold mine of goodies all in one spot. She found the Sanibel Six in less than an hour!

terri found shells

Then I heard that familiar little yelp… you know, that one when someone finds something really good. Susan (from GTMO Cuba!) found an ALPHABET CONE!

Susan alphabet cone bp

Shelling Sistah Lisa (NJ) found her own seashell honey hole right near the jetty rocks…

lisa shells bp

She found a WENTLETRAP! We find them often on Sanibel but rarely on Captiva so this was a really good find there. She also found a FLAT, WORMIES, a KEYHOLE LIMPET, and WHELKS…

seashells wentletrap wormies

Tom plucked a beautiful BANDED TULIP out of a scoop of shells he was sifting and Sharene matched him with an awesome NUTMEG…

tom sharene shells shellabaloo

Nice, huh?

banded tulip nutmeg

After a picnic lunch, we moved on to shell at Gulfside City Park to find huge wrack lines of shells and BEACH BLING. I think Rusty and Donna love Beach Bling as much as I do!

collecting shells sanibel florida shellabaloo

They found a purple SEA WHIP with two ONE-TOOTH SIMNIAS on it!

sea whip one-tooth simnia

Along with finding lots of other goodies, Pat’s (Boca Raton) fave was this delicate PAPER FIG…

Paula paper fig shell

These photos are only the tip of the iceberg of the shells found today and only a few of the spectasheller folks I’ve had the privilege of hanging out with the last 2 days.

shell mound captiva shellabaloo

The Shellabaloo 2 will continue for two more days of shell filled fun so I will have lots more photos and introductions to make of my new found shelling buddies. If the weather and shell piles continue like today, we are in for another exshellent day in store for us tomorrow. I’m psyched!

shelling sanibel shellabaloo