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Collecting seashells on the beaches of Sanibel, Captiva and the world

Calico Scallop Color Name Game

calico scallop sea shells

 Each day I’ve been to the beach this week, I look down to see CALICO SCALLOPS. Every shell bag that I peeked into… I saw CALICO SCALLOPS in every color of the rainbow. So I started picking them up too only to get obsessed by analyzing the amazing colors and patterns… then naming each one like every crayon in a box of Crayolas or those cute names they come up with for nail polish colors these days.

Okay, like this one is…

Sanibel Sunburn. See? Haven’t you looked like this at least one time on Sanibel?

Sanibel Sunburn Scallop

 Remember I showed you what the sky looked like last week? This was an easy one… Sanibel Sky

Sanibel sky scallop

 Cold Captiva Creamsicle On A Hot Day…

Captiva creamsicle scallop

I’m Plum Happy…

I'm plum happy scallop

 Sunset Serenade… ( okay this one needs some work)

Sunset serenade scallop

 Girl’s Night Red Wine

girls night wine scallop

First Day Vacation Sunrise…

Vacation Sunrise scallop

Summer Smoothie…

Summer smoothie scallop

 Fiesta Party Nachos…

fiesta picnic scallop

 I’m On Island Time…

Island Time scallop

  Orange Juice With A Splash Of Cranberry On The Rocks

sunbeam scallop

Beach Bon Fire (But since it’s illegal to have a bon fire on Sanibel I think we should call it the… Illegal Sanibel Beach Bon Fire. Ha!)

beach bon fire scallop

 Now this last one really got me tickled. It’s seems like this SCALLOP started out with lots of color power to keep up with the Joneses…. and the First Day Vacation Sunrises…. and the Summer Smoothies but decided just regular old plain was good enough for him (or her). So I couldn’t decide on a name.

How about … Sleep Late. or Lazy Days. or I give up (No really, LOL the name “I give up”.  or Uncle. Plain Yogurt?

You decide!

Lazy Days scallops


  1. Girls night red wine or I’m on island time – difficult choice – (great shells) x

  2. Maybe a touch of vanilla! Calicos are my MOST favorite shell in the world! I love all of these variations. I find a lot of purple ones and sometimes black ones on Canaveral National seashore where we like to go! Enjoy your summer! It’s hot here in FL….but I love it!

  3. The last shell reminds me of an ice cream/cookie sandwich or a cheese pizza with the cheese nice and tan. So how about Sanibel ice cream cookie sandwich or Pizz-a paradise ?? ;)

    • LOL
      Pizz- A Paradise! Love that one! It does look like a slice of pizza!

  4. Ok, you gotta put these on stationery or a calendar or SOMETHING because scallops are my all-time favorite shells, and anything you put them on, I will buy. The names are so creative, Pam. — Shelling sista Marcia

    • When I was taking the photos, i thought of the same thing… a little book or calendar. I’ll work on it!

      • Sounds like a great idea!

      • Or a poster!

        Sanibel sun(set) chip dipped in a mustard/ketchup relish.

      • Terrific idea!!

  5. How about Sanibel Sangria for the purplish one?

  6. How about naming the last one, ‘Early morning orange juice’, as in ‘i am up extra early to go shelling and need my orange juice to fuel up’ ? Lol

  7. It makes me think of an orange-flavored cupcake with white frosting (upside down in the picture!).

  8. I love making pendants from the colorful scallop shells! They are too pretty not to show off!

  9. WOW! What fantastic scallops! They are all gorgeous, but I think my favorites are Sanibel Sky and Captiva Creamsicle.

  10. I’ll take one of each please :)
    Can’t wait till September – hope there are some shells then.

  11. Isn’t it funny how we all can come up with something these shell can remind us of…and they are all different! Sally T. said the last one could be called “Your Petticoat Is Showing” hahah. Clark thought the last one looked like a cowgirl’s ruffly skirt.
    Anna, I loooove your scallop pendants!

  12. That last one looks like a tequila sunrise!

  13. Pam, Great photos, imaginatively named scallops…What a joy to behold …All photographed by a true shell lover….Thank you!!!

  14. It reminds me of a hard boiled egg yolk. How about “The Good Egg.”

  15. I love all the calico shells I have from Sanibel~!
    the white edge on the last shell reminds me of a french manicure, so “Toes in the Sand”, “Sandy Feet Sunrise”, “Mermaid Manicure”…

    Naming them is fun, but harder than you think!

  16. candy corn!!!

    • Yes, Linda, I think Candy Corn is perfect! I vote Candy Corn!

  17. Turned the shell around and call it Sanibel Sunrise! Love it!

  18. How abuot Sunnyside Up for the last one :D

  19. The last shell reminds me of an “Orange madeleine” (cookie)….
    orr… how about “Sunny side up” – kudos to Kim who mentioned first that it reminded her of an egg!

    “First day vacation sunrise” and the “I’m on island time” are my fav’s.
    Pam, Thanks so much for sharing these!!! I loved the watermelon scallop you posted the other day. Beautiful!

  20. How about “Sunny Side Up”??? Love all of these Pam, and have a collections of scallops myself collected over the past few years @ Sanibel. I am currently covering crosses with them, and did a large miirror covered with them as well. They are beautiful with their different colors and variations. A Calender is a wonderful idea as well!!! I would buy one!! :-)

  21. I always think the conchs and the whelks and the olives are my favorites. But when I have them in a bowl my eyes always gravitate to the scallops. Love the pattens and variations and the colors. They have to be the prettiest shells in terms of eye candy.

    Love the names Pam – love, love the colors you have collected.

  22. Love them all, my favorite is “It’s Islalnd Time”..very peaceful colors, relaxing vibe. However, when I first looked at your last one I immediately thought of “TAN LINES” I do like all three of Kim’s suggestions, “Sandy feet”, “Mermaid manaicure” and “Toes in the sand. Pam I too would buy a calendar or note cards with these pictures. You should have these naming games more often. When I find shells I am aways giving them names. Thanks for sharing

  23. Pretty cute!

  24. Wowza! They are all magnificent…I particularly like “I’m On Island Time”. That last one also reminded me of a French Manicure…Sanibel Sunset French? Nah…other people are more clever than I. The Calico Scallops are sure pretty…it’s hard to pick a favorite. But I have to marvel at all the variety that one shell type has to offer…as do they all, yes?

    Kudos to all your imaginations! Yesh…keep ’em comin’! Yahoo!

  25. Love the colors of all the scallops but being from East Tennessee and being a huge Tennessee Vols fan. I love the orange ones. They remind me of the vols orange jerseys. So I vote for them to be the state shell of Tennessee. All joking aside those are the most colorful and beautiful of all the shells in my opinion. I enjoy picking them up when walking along the beaches and admiring all the colors and the patterns on the shells. Each one is unique in color and pattern and that is what I find most interesting. My choice for the name of the last shell pattern is probably the Orange Cupcake with Cream Cheese Frosting.

  26. Incredible color!!! Can’t pick just one fav but orange cream jumped right out at me (I wish). Keep up the great job everyone & keep those pics coming. See ya in October!!

    Mary Ann

  27. I collected so many beautiful scallop shells the first time I went to Sanibel, that I began a new tradition in my church. Every time someone is baptized, I invite them to take a scallop shell out of a basket full of them– because scallop shells are a symbol for baptism, and my church actually uses a big silver one to pour the water on the person. So, adult or baby, everyone gets a scallop when they are baptized. I see them all over the place– one member has his on a chain, hanging from his rear view mirror– another keeps it on the table by her prayer book– another keeps it on his bedside table. When I retired from that church, I left the basket of shells with them, and told them to call me if they ever need it replenished!

  28. Wow, they are all so beautiful, I have never seen so many different colors and designs on them. Simply beautiful !

  29. After reading so many comments saying they will be in Sanibel soon, how about calling the last scallop “Almost There”. To me it looks like an almost completed painting. MEM

    • YES ~ “Almost There” ~ Perfect for me coming from Oregon on Saturday, September First!!!!!! Almost there and SO EXCITED – xoxo

  30. The first thing I saw on the Cold Captiva Creamsicle shell was the shape of a gingerbread man.

    How about “Sanibel Smile” for the last one? The white part on the bottom looks like a row of teeth.

  31. Love it ! Everyone of them!

  32. How about, ‘Your slip’s showing’

  33. Wow, there REALLY is a gingerbread man in “Cold Captiva Creamsicle”! Can’t believe I didn’t see it until I read Carol’s comment. I have my kitchen done in “gingerbread” and yet I missed it. Great imagination Carol! I favor the Sunnyside Up for the unnamed shell but there were several really good names. I’m never good at naming anything so won’t even try. I love these photos. I have some scallop shells but nothing nearly this colorful and nothing from Florida having (sadly) never been there. This is my first post but have been “captivated” by your web site for a few weeks now. Sanibel is my dream vacation. Wish I could say I’ll see you in October but I’m afraid not. Maybe one of these days. Keep up the good shelling and your fab website.

  34. I’m getting a glimmer of the entry you’ll be making in the special category of the Shell Show next March!! Great names! Keep ’em coming.
    How about Sanibel Sunrise for the un-named shell?

  35. These beauties are always my favorites – I’m addicted to picking them up. Can’t wait for November – our next trip down!

  36. Love the names, and all the scallop shell. I cannot resist scallops, no matter how many I have just keep getting more, love this posting.

  37. Pam, you clever girl! Don’t know how you can always come up with such delightfully entertaining bits … I totally love scallops and these are all so gorgeous and you gave them perfect names.
    I showed my husband and he thought the last one looks like a very smiley, “Toothy” kitty…just needs some eyes. Hmmmm, maybe “ToofyBelle?

  38. I have always loved the colorful scallops. Last week when we were on Sanibel we found two bright yellow. They were beautiful and I have not often seen them.


  39. I LOVE your blog!! No matter how many times I walk the beach and tell myself to stop picking up the scallops, I always do. They so remind me of beautiful sunsets and playful colors. So I would name the last one, “Just can’t resist!”

  40. My lovely wife and I just returned yesterday from a 33rd anniversary trip to Sanibel and loved seeing this report. We came back with way too many Calico’s but we just couldn’t help picking them up. I have never seen those violet shades on any of our Calico’s up here on the North Florida Gulf Coast. We also made a special point of looking for the ones with the orange stripes. Very cool! Thanks for highlighting one of my favorite “common” shells.

  41. the very last pic of scallop shell reminds me of “peach cobbler”

  42. Oooh, just love those calicos!

  43. The last shell should be named Eggs For Breakfast!

  44. Just reviewing the Calico site – I agree with everyone – please do a small poster for my wall. Such joy to see them ll –
    AND each one is unique, just like you.


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