fish biting seashells sighting

So Exciting! When I arrived at Blind Pass Captiva yesterday morning, I saw that guy catch a fish while everybody else was wallowing in the joy of the big shell pile. Happiness.

shelling captiva florida

Chris (Calgary, Canada) found this very big WENTLETRAP right there! I was thinking the same thing as you are right now….. a WENTLETRAP at Blind Pass? I don’t see many people find them right there so that was a really good find in my book.

chris calgary ca wentletrap captiva

His daughter Kyla found a piece of JUNONIA. Any piece is a good piece!

kyla junonia captiva

My friends Courtney and Eileen (Sanibel) were having a blast soaking in this gorgeous day with the bonus of a huge shell pile…

courtney eileen captiva seashells

Eileen found this very colorful FLAT SCALLOP … but hold on… I know you will notice that tattoo just like I did so I’ll tell you what it “says”. It’s her mother’s signature. Is she cool, or what? She is definitely a piece of art work!

flat scallop eileen captiva florida

Courtney found my favorite shell of the day.

courney oyster

I hope yall dont think I’m crazy but it’s an awesome ATLANTIC WING OYSTER with both sides still attached.

atlantic wing oyster

Look at the inside of this shell…it’s like opening up a beautiful pearl!

atlantic wing oyster inside

I found lots of The Sanibel Six shells but only one ALPHABET CONE. It has this crazy pointy hat on top! I know it’s old and worn but I still really like it.

alphabet cone pointy tip apex

Barbara was doing an excellent job of the Sit ‘n Sift filling up her kitchen strainer. So smart! One less step when she gets home to clean them. ;)

Barbara shell pile captiva florida

There were lots of CHESTNUT TURBANS mixed in with WHELKS and FIGHTING CONCHS…

assorted seashells captiva florida


bittersweet clam shell captiva florida


coral branch on beach captiva

I think there was only about 5 shellers when I got the “mound” but within an hour, it was a ShellFest!

seashells blind pass captiva florida

I’ve got several videos so I here’s the first one. Happy Weekend!