Detail Japan Hatsue Iimuro sailors valentine Sanibel 2012

The Sanibel Shell Fair had a very special SAILORS VALENTINE exhibited this year. Hatsue Iimuro flew all the way from Japan with her husband Noriko and best friend Yasuyuki to enter her work at the Sanibel show.

Yasuyuki Suzuki Noriko Okubo Hatsue Iimuro Sanibel 2012

Hatsue said she is the first one to introduce Sailors Valentines to the japanese people in her town near Mt Fuji. Good for Hatsue! What a treat for her japanese  neighbors to see such intricate seashell masterpieces. Believe it or not, the airlines almost lost their precious cargo! Thank goodness they found it so we could enjoy this beautiful piece of art and she could be rewarded by a Blue Ribbon and the Best Miscellaneous Exhibit.

Hatsue Iimuro sailors valentine 2012 sanibel florida

There were so many other winners and gorgeous Valentines using such creative designs with seashells. Really….they are unbelievable!

valerie robinson blue ribbon sailors valentine

Brandy Llewellyn blue ribbon

constance marshall miller blue ribbon

David Rhyne 2012 Sanibel Sailors Valentine

Sandy Moran sailor valentine sanibel 2012

Sanibel Shell fair 2012 sailor valentine

sanibel mermaid sailors valentine

lacey sailors valentine 2012 sanibel shell fair

double sailors valentine sanibel 2012

sailors valentine shell show 2012

 I think my favorite one was Rachel Fields’ Sailors Valentine. She was beaming from ear to ear and proud as a peacock (as she should be!) to enter her beautiful piece of art for the first time as a hobbyist.

Rachel Fields sanibel sailors valentine

Sanibel Has My Heart …

Sanibel has my heart sailors valentine rachel