Junonia sanibel pier

 That video was so dang exciting when I found that gargantuan TRUE TULIP the other day…… BUT WAIT!!!!  Yes!!! I found a JUNONIA  ……… AND I got it on video too! I was so excited to see those brown dots buried in the sand, I couldn’t help but grab at it so you’ll see three finger indentions in the sand. Then…. I stopped, took a breath to relax, then started rolling the video. As soon as I started talking to you guys, I started getting so excited again as I dug it up! 

Okay, it has a hole in it…but still!!! It’s the whole body! Hip Hip Hoooray! That video of the tulip was so long, I couldn’t add this (and I didnt want anyone to have a heart attack) so this is sort of Part 2. If you missed how amazing the rest of the morning was at the beach by the Sanibel pier and all of the wonderful comments on Part 1 …. CLICK HERE.

junonia spots in the sand