miyuki biking sanibel

My high school friend Miyuki came to visit (!) so I had a blast showing her around the island on bikes, gabbing and giggling about old times. We hadn’t seen each other in probably 15 years so I wanted the whole day to be an adventure. So, of course, we had to start the day by getting to the beach…. at dawn…. with our lighted caps.

miyuki head lamp shelling

 This was her first big find of the morning… a perfect ALPHABET CONE!

miyuki alphabet cone

 The she picked up a beautiful CALICO SCALLOP and said “This is my favorite shell of the trip because it seems sooooo Sanibel”. Awwww, so sweet, huh?

miyuki favorite shell

Miyuki has always been a photographer. In all of the years I’ve known her, she has always had a camera in her hand so I was so happy to see she hasn’t changed one bit. She always tries to capture beautiful moments in time.

Miyuki taking photograph sanibel

 I caught her switching from her 35 millimeter to her iPhone to share the moment immediately with her family back in Virginia. Don’t you love technology these days?

Miyuki iphone sanibel sunrise

You know how it is after you get home from a trip. Everything is crazy trying to catch up with life and family. So I haven’t received any of her photos yet of this sunrise and her shell collection (I’ll add a link when I get them) ….. but this is my photo of those gorgeous sun beams shining through the clouds that morning…

sanibel sunrise reflection

 I’m so thankful that our lives have crossed the same path again…

Miyuki on sanibel boardwalk beach access

As adults, we get in the groove of our own lives and don’t often get to see our oldest friends. It’s always a treat to take a step back and remember our young selves and how many laughs we shared.

sanibel beach morning sun rays

Glad you got to meet her! Take a look at some of Miyuki’s work at MiyukisPhotography.com.

miyuki on boat