seashells on Captiva i love shelling

What? Christmas is here in just one week? Even in paradise it’s just such a busy time so I’ve fallen down on the job of getting out the shelling news in the last few days. I’m so sorry! The photo above is Blind Pass Captiva this past week with a nice wrack line of shells on the Pass side of the jetty where I met Marie, Jack and Alberta…

marie, jack, alberta shelling sisters

Jet and Laura were tickled with their treasures of COCKLES and FIGHTING CONCHS…

Jet, Laura captiva blind pass shells

On the Sanibel side of Blind Pass is where I saw Shelling Sistahs Sandi and Ginger – look at her full on shelling gear!

Sandi Ginger Sanibel shelling tools

Then I met SS Eileen who joined in on the fun of talking shelling. Did you notice the SS before Eileen’s name? It’s Shelling Sistah! This will be fun! When I introduce people who know us here on i Love Shelling, I’ll add the “SS” so you know they are Shelling Sistahs or Shelling Siblings or Stock (for the guys?). I know I’m silly but I really do feel like we all have some sort of kinship or kindred sprits….like we all have the same sand running through our blood.

Eileen Connecticut Sanibel seashells

This is an unedited video of the changes of Blind Pass taken on the Captiva side last week. (Sorry it’s a little/lotta belated!) I can’t believe I lost a BITTERSWEET but I’m glad I didn’t fuss about it too long because there is always something else that washes in. Enjoy the vid then I have a few more photos for you…[youtube][/youtube]

A long West Gulf Drive I found another WEST INDIES SEA EGG URCHIN…

West indian Sea egg

sea egg mouth

I always enjoy the PELICANS, but to see them fly directly above me in vee formation is always spectacular.

pelican sky vee

PELICANS and palm trees….. ahhhh… paradise.

pelicans fly over palms