alphabet cone driveway shell

Have you ever looked through the seashells in the walkways and driveways of homes and hotels on Sanibel?  When I first starting coming to Sanibel, I loved shelling in driveways. It cracked me up to find whole shells mixed in with the crushed pieces. We’ve been doing a few projects around the house the last few weeks so one of the projects was to freshen up the crushed shell in the walkway to the house. Clark bought a few of these bags…

shell walkway bag

So today I opened a bag and spread it along the front porch. An ALPHABET CONE! LOL (in the top photo) It was just sittin there pretty as a picture. I laughed out loud, ran to get my camera then opened another bag and this rolled out…

shells in my sanibel florida walkway

Too funny! I spread it more to find these…

whole florida walk way shells driveway

So of course, the next thing on my mind was “I’m going to find a JUNONIA in here!” So I opened the third bag to find these. Ha! It’s not a JUNONIA but it looks like the two on the left are some sort of VOLUTES  . There’s part of a COWRIE in there too.

seashell walkway shells

This is where I was spreading these shells. I’ve always told you that I collect those big pieces of old WHELKS and CONCHS that nobody else wants. Now you can see that I line them around the beds of my gardens. I love to be surrounded by shells!

fossil shell driveway

PS- Both sides of Blind Pass have been looking a little bare the last few days. Mid island still seems to be the best but very picked over. I havent been to the lighthouse since the weekend but I heard there was a very big TULIP that was found there so I guess that’s still pretty good shelling there. Maybe I’ll see you there!