Roseate Spoonbill Sanibel

It’s always a thrill to spot a ROSEATE SPOONBILL with its bright pink feathers and its aptly named bill that looks like a wooden kitchen spoon.

Sanibel Roseate spoonbill

As soon as we drive over the Sanibel causeway at low tide to get to the Fort Myers side, we look to the water on the right to see if the ROSEATE SPOONBILLS are feeding. They were there this past weekend! I took a few minutes to capture them with my camera lens.

roseate spoonbill feeding

I even caught them phooning

roseate spoonbills phooning

They feed by swinging their head back and forth sweeping their bill in the water feeling for fish, insects, crustaceans and a few water plants. When they feel the right food, they snap it up.

Roseate Spoonbil swingin head

You can see it for yourself! I made a video for you to see these beautiful ROSEATE SPOONBILLS and the IBIS birds they hang out with.