Lions paw found on Sanibel Island

As soon as I saw this huge LION’S PAW, I wanted to grab it and run down the beach. Unfortunately for me, I had to remain calm and admire it in the hands of the guy who found it… Bob from California.

Bob find lions paw seashells Sanibel

He couldn’t believe his luck when he found it on a sand bar off West Gulf Drive this morning. He pointed out the nodules were broken off but then we all said “who cares!”. That’s a fantastic find.

lions paw Sanibel shell

Congrats, Bob!

Bobs lion paw interior

I also saw local sheller Liz with some killer finds of her own… a FLORIDA CONE, TRUE TULIP, FLAT SCALLOP and a perfect SCOTCH BONNET with great color.

scotch bonnet cone flat tulip

I think the cooler weather was bringing lots of the locals to the beach this weekend. We saw our friend Jean collecting COCKLE shells to line a walking path in her yard. Good idea!

Jean with Cockle shells

Shelling guide Louise Alt from Waterwoman Adventures was shelling with her trusty first mate Darla. I always love to run into Louise!

Louise Alt Waterwoman

Jane was shelling off East Gulf Drive for black SCALLOPS to make a frame for her husband John’s picture…

jane with scallops

Darlene (Pine Island) found this 7 inch LIGHTNING WHELK on the sand bar at Blind Pass…

Darlene lightning whelk Sanibel

Barbara from Long Island, NY had just gotten started shelling for the day and found a nice SHARKS EYE…

Barbara sharks eye Barbara Sanibel

April from PA loves the WORM ROCK like I do…

April with worm rock

 Yep, I can say “Yee Haw!” for Bob and all of the other successful shellers this weekend. There were some mighty good seashells out there for the pickin’. :)

pink shellers with green buckets