Black jingles display

Seashell treasures come in all sizes and colors that can be overlooked so easily. I had to remember that because I was only finding lots of broken shells and live shells this weekend but not the Sanibel Six or anything close. Then I realized that the beach was looking a little different…. a bit darker. I looked a little closer to see there were gobs of JINGLES washing in but instead of being the usual white, yellow or orange (my fave), they were the black ones.

black jingle shells

They look like deep, smokey gems to me so I went a little crazy picking them up.

black jingles on green

This is how many live FIGHTING CONCHS there were at low tide…

Live fighting conchs west gulf

fighthing conch shells sanibel

Clark found a live white FIGHTING CONCH. This might be called an albino even though it’s got a little color.

albino fighting conch

But maybe I should just call it albino-ish.

albino fighting conch aperture

Even though I found lots of broken shells, I found a really good broken shell… piece of a LION’S PAW.

piece of lion paw

That still doesn’t come close to the beautiful ALPHABET CONE that 9 year old Zenith (MN) found. Congrats Zenith!

Zenith with cone shell Sanibel