rainman photo

I told yall I got a new camera last month. It has a touch screen- why I need a touch screen, I have no idea but it has one.   I’m loving my new camera….but it does this funny thing.

Under Sanibel Pier rainman

My camera is so sensitive, that if I dont turn the camera off when I’m walking it takes random photos without me knowing it.

Sanibel fishing pier rainman

 It was irritating at first when I loaded the photos into my computer because I had to delete so many right away. But now, I’m getting really tickled with the shots that it is taking.

rainmanside view

 Didn’t you love the end of the movie “Rainman” when he took those random photos out the car window ? For some reason I loved that… the random street photos.

rainman beach

So that’s why I’m sharing these cool random photos of my beach walks. I’m calling them my Sanibel Rainman Beach Still Life photos.

sanibel rainman still life

 It’s like a little tiny slice of life that we overlook until we capture it in “still”.

Sanibel rainman cup

 I’m so happy I’ve learned to look at these photos and smile instead of feeling like they are a waste of time and computer space.

rainman still life sanibel

 I feel like I learned another lesson in the art of shelling.

Sanibel beach access rainman

Don’t forget to look for and enjoy the less obvious.

Rainman pic

rainman rt shadow

rainman water

raiman pam

Clark rainman

PS- My camera is a Panasonic DMC-ZS10.