Crested White Crested Tellin

 White Crested Tellin

The island seashell telegraph was buzzing yesterday with the news that a rare WHITE CRESTED TELLIN was found by our shelling friend Nancy (see her on post Seashell In My Pocket) while she was shelling the out islands with her husband Dayton and their best friends Gary and Sandy. Look at the cool serrated edges on this shell- those aren’t chips. This photo only shows the one side of the shell…the other side is attached as well!

Rose Petal Tellins Gary Preston

Rose Petal Tellins

Gary found all of these ROSE PETAL TELLINS out on the out islands too.

Yellow Alternate Tellin

Yellow Alternate Tellin

I think it’s the prettiest yellow ALTERNATE TELLIN I’ve ever seen. Guess who found this. Nancy! She was a hawk eye out on those flats. This shell looks similar to a COQUINA in this picture but it’s about an inch bigger.

Alternate Tellins

Alternate Tellins

These are the color that these TELLINS normally are. Nice… but can’t really compare to that yellow!

Scotch Bonnet Nancy

Nancy’s Scotch Bonnet

Nancy found this SCOTCH BONNET too!! This was her first time she has found a SCOTCH BONNET.

Morton's Egg Cockle close

Morton’s Egg Cockle

They all found MORTON’S EGG COCKLES which are another shell crafter favorite since the inside is such a bright yellow. I forget the variety, but to me, they look like orchid petals. Please help me if you know what orchid I’m thinking of.

Purplish Tagelus

Purplish Tagelus

The shelling continued with PURPLISH TAGELUS shells.

large Wentletrap

Sandy’s wentletrap

Sandy found this super big WENTLETRAP and lots of BABY’S EARS. You wouldn’t believe the bags and bags of goodies the whole gang brought back.

Bags of shells

Bags of shells

They all could not get over how much fun they had and how many shells they found with Brian as their guide. Congrats to you all and thanks for sharing your goodies.

shellers Minnesota

Gary, Sandy, Nancy and Dayton (MN) from October