kathy with junonia recipe

Kathy with junonia recipe

I’m done with the good luck charms, four leafed clovers, the rabbits foot and all that to find my JUNONIA. Today at Blind Pass Sanibel, Kathy gave me the best advice for mixing up a special adult brew to give us all good luck in finding our own JUNONIA. A recipe for a Junonia Cocktail. Woohoo! (Click on it to enlarge)

Kathy's junonia recipe

Kathy's junonia recipe

Oooooh. Sounds so yummy and I guess the trick is…. even if you don’t find one, you can’t help but be happy  after having one of these. teehee. I like her style. Here she is with her family..

Kathy Shelling family

Kathy, Brianna and Joe (CO)

I was so tickled she had on her iLoveshelling cap! Cute!

Young sheller Brianna

Young sheller Brianna

Brianna is on her way to finding a JUNONIA since she found this piece today. Kathy will have to celebrate for her with the cocktail since Brianna has quite a few years to go before she can have one.

Okay before I show this next photo, I want to make sure you know that Kathy did NOT find this shell on the beach. She said she found it at Harns Marsh in Lehigh Acres.

Apple Snail Shell

Apple Snail Land Shell (not found on the beach)

She brought this APPLE SNAIL shell to the beach to show it to me. Okay, again, just to make sure you know….. It was NOT found on the beach. It’s cool, though isn’t it? This is a land snail which is the diet of  the endangered SNAIL KITE bird. It’s huge!

Kathy's cones and moon

Kathy's cones and moon

She did find this ALPHABET CONE, FLORIDA CONE and COLORFUL MOON on the beach today.

Shellers in fog

The fog started rolling in but that didn’t stop the shellers. I ran into Patty who was thrilled she found a piece of SEA GLASS. I was thrilled for her since it isn’t easy to find that on Sanibel.

Patty with sea glass

Patty (MI) with sea glass

Even with fog, it was a beautiful day on Sanibel.

Sanibel Stoop

The Sanibel Foggy Stoop

Thanks for the recipe, Kathy. Let me know if any of you try the Junonia Cocktail!

Aqua water with orange shoes