Atlantic Giant Cockle whole

Atlantic Giant Cockle whole

It’s funny- I don’t usually pick up COCKLE shells. I guess because they are common on the beaches of Sanibel and I haven’t thought of a fabulous craft project for me to use them. My friend Sarah made that beautiful mirror I showed you on Septemeber 2, post Sarah’s Seashell Chandelier but then again, she only used four. So I don’t have a reason to pick them up….. until NOW! I can’t give you my reasons why YET (geez- I’m not big on secrets but this will be worth it!). I will be announcing this really big event hopefully this week.

Atlantic Giant Cockle shell, Sanibel, Florida

Atlantic Giant Cockle half

I made this video yesterday so this shows you that there are still shells (and sponges and urchins and SEA PORK and lots of fun stuff) on the beach left over from last weekend’s wind and good tides.

On the Cockle hunt, we met Jim from Ohio enjoying the sunset sky and learned he was a big sheller too. He quickly bonded with Clark after discovering each of them had found two JUNONIAS (in the past) …… and ribbed me for my big fat zero. That’s OK fellas… “those who wait, find the biggest Junonias of all”. ;)

Junonia seashell finders

Junonia Jim and Clark

Here’s a hint for the big event-    It’s beginning to look a lot like……