Manatee grass

It looks like julienned coconuts, parmesan cheese or some sort of spaghetti, doesn’t it? There are wash lines of MANATEE GRASS at the tip of the lighthouse beach. We finally had a beautiful day so I needed to get out on the beach whether there were shells or no shells. Unfortunately, not many keepers. There were clam shells and scallops and that’s about it for shells.

Tree roots at the lighthouse

And the SHARK’S TOOTH frenzy in Manasota Key continues! Our friends Joe and Manuela took a day trip down to Stump Pass and found their first shark’s teeth……83 of them.

Shark Tooth Joe (Ft Myers)

I have another video for you! I didn’t do fancy editing or add any music this time. It’s just a raw piece that shows exactly what I saw for 5 minutes. A hermit crab took a new home in a KING’S CROWN and was so happy that he was doing the happy dance …. Another crab in a MUREX shell peeking out .. .A pelican flying so low he was teasing the water…. the sky so rich. Enjoy.

Big, scary Hurricane Earl is headed toward the east coast and already stirring up the waters on our side so we are keeping a close eye on the weather and keeping our fingers crossed that he just fizzles out before any damage occurs.

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