Month: August 2010

Beach People

I am so tickled that I was recognized on the beach. I saw Ethel with her hands full of shells and I asked her what she found.  Before she showed me her shells, she looked at me and asked “Aren’t you from...

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2 Inch Alphabet Cone

We haven’t seen many ALPHABET CONES lately…so this was such a treat! Clark found this one with his shelling “backhoe” just behind the surf line  by Gulf Side City Beach last night around 7:30-ish. I...

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Jenny Curl Worm Shells

I have lots of pet names for WORM SHELLS like mermaid hair, mermaid curls, mermaid locks, cork screws and of course wormies. We met Melinda yesterday and she told me that her favorite shell was the worm shell so she immediately...

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