Our seashell mermaid with Jenny Curls

I have lots of pet names for WORM SHELLS like mermaid hair, mermaid curls, mermaid locks, cork screws and of course wormies. We met Melinda yesterday and she told me that her favorite shell was the worm shell so she immediately got my attention. She held one up that had those wonderful cork screw turns then had a wild twist on the end. So when I heard Melinda call them “Jenny curlsI had to ask why.

Melinda and a Jenny curl

She told me that her daughter Jenny had really straight hair and always wanted curly hair like her sisters. When they were shelling one day, they found a worm shell and told Jenny that they found curly hair for her. With a twinkle in her eye, Melinda told me every time they found another one they’d say ” I found another Jenny Curl!”. A few minutes later she told us she has since lost her daughter so the memory is bitter sweet for her. My heart goes out to Melinda and her family and will think of her often when we find those favorite Jenny curls.

A Jenny Curl