Ethel (San Francisco)

I am so tickled that I was recognized on the beach. I saw Ethel with her hands full of shells and I asked her what she found.  Before she showed me her shells, she looked at me and asked “Aren’t you from iLoveShelling?”. heehee. She told me was there at beach access #7 since I had blogged about it last weekend so she wanted to check it out. She found that handful of CONCHS  and a 5 inch LIGHTNING WHELK. So nice to meet you in person, Ethel!

Shawn (Michigan)

At lunch time at The Mucky Duck, I met Shawn because I had to tell him I admired his FIGHTING CONCH necklace. He told me he found the shell on North Captiva where he and his family are vacationing. He made it by stringing fishing line through the opening in the bottom then through a hole in the side of the shell. Then he told me he made necklaces for everybody in his family. That’s island style creativity. Great job, Shawn.