2 inch alphabet cone

We haven’t seen many ALPHABET CONES lately…so this was such a treat! Clark found this one with his shelling “backhoe” just behind the surf line  by Gulf Side City Beach last night around 7:30-ish.

Jo, Ami, Scott, Ben and Gary (St Louis, MO)

I noticed a family with a big shelling net a few yards away so we walked over to see what they were finding. It turns out, it was a bait net (looked like a heck of a shelling net to me! haha- shelling on the brain) to use for fishing. They have been visiting Sanibel every year for 33 years but were a little disappointed in the shelling until we showed them a few MUREXES, OLIVES and LIGHTNING WHELKS  we were finding in the surf. They wanted to know what they were doing wrong so Clark demonstrated how to get a big scoop of shells with his net/backhoe…then pulled up that tremendous ALPHABET CONE right in front of all of us. That was a lesson for all of us. Don’t give up!

Alphabet cone side 2

The little shells came right out with a dental pick when we got home.

Proudly showing his cone