Kelly's 15 inch horse conch ..... Photo by Linda

Conch-A-Bunga!!! That’s a humongous HORSE CONCH!

I just got this note from Kelly…..

Hi Pam, I found this 15 inch FL horse conch recently at Honeymoon Island State Park in Dunedin and 2 minutes later while jumping for joy my friend Linda found a 10 inch one. It was high times at low tide for sure.  Kelly”

Linda's 10 inch horse conch ..... Photo by Kelly

OMG- What a day!!!  I’m sure they are still celebrating. Congratulations on TWO awesome finds and thank you for sharing. HONEYMOON ISLAND STATE PARK

And that’s not all, folks! My friend Sherrill found a CABRIT’S MUREX at Blind Pass yesterday. Wowee!

Cabrit's Murex photo by Sherrill

This is a pretty rare shell to find on our islands (it’s still not on the Bailey Matthews Shell Museum website) especially since it still has some of those fabulous spines still intact. This is gorgeous! Don’t you think? Congratulations!

Cabrit's Murex 2 photo by Sherrill

Sherrill’s words about her new treasure-

“……couldn’t believe how fragile it is… almost like a paper fig in thickness, and it looked like it was made of spun sugar! Nature is absolutely amazing. I can’t believe it survived crashing waves and tons of people walking on that pile of shells.