Sea Turtle hatchling photo by Susie Holly

My friend Susie who owns MacIntosh Books saw baby SEA TURTLES hatching! She got to share the experience with her best friend Gail who was visiting from Maryland. Lucky girls! You can see that little guy sliding on his back trying to get his balance- awwww, so cute! Thanks for sharing this Sooz!

She sent me a note with the pictures…

The absolutely coolest thing ever happened on the beach. Gail and I were taking a walk near access # 7 on Wednesday about 6 p.m. (on her last night here) and we came upon a loggerhead nest in the midst of hatching! We saw five little turtles break out of their shells and run to the water–and off they went. I hope you can see from the pictures what’s happening. It was awesome.”

Sea turtle running to the water photo by Susie Holly