Alphabet Cone, Shark's Eyes, Whelk, Angel Wing

These are just a few shells that were  in Jonathan and Kelly’s shell bucket yesterday at the lighthouse beach. That ALPHABET CONE was about 2 1/2 inches long and the ANGEL WING was around 5 1/2 inches. Do you know how hard it is to find a whole angel wing so large at that beach? Actually, Jonathan said it wasn’t on the beach. He said they were out in the water waist to chest high digging around. Want to see what else they found there a few days earlier?

Jonathan's horse conch seashell 12 inches

Wow! It still has that dark color underneath those barnacles. He was hoping most of those barnacles would pop off with a little soaking when they get home to Kentucky. I’m hoping he’ll send an “after” picture when it gets cleaned up.  This was the 2nd time shelling…… do you think they’re gonna be hooked? ;)

Shellers Jonathon and Kelly (Kentucky)

Kelly's shell bucket

There were all sorts of goodies washing in! Everybody was finding treasure.

Carolyn's (Iowa) lightning whelks and tulips

Garrett (Cape Coral) with Sanibel shells

And last but not least….    Dear friends Gabie and Grace from Miami with their hands filled with shells found on the beach at Sundial Resort.     Aren’t they sooooo cute?

Gabbie and Grace with seashells