I had Blind Pass shelling envy yesterday so I made sure I made it this morning. I wasn’t disappointed! Look at those lovely seashells piling up. Ahhhhh. Oh yea, I kept this photo large so that for all of you virtual shellers, you can click on the picture to enlarge it to see some of the lovelies.

Virtual shelling

Guess who was on the beach again? Rachael, Eddy and their dad Ed!

Eddy, Rachael and Ed (CT)

There were all of these shells coming in and they were the only other people shelling there at Blind Pass this morning. Wow!

Rachael's Dusky Cone

I had a discussion on a previous post, Mixed Shell Bag , about the name of this little cone shell. Mine was a different color but I learned they are both DUSKY CONES. So when Rachael asked me the name of her shell, I was happy to be able to name it.

Eddy's cone, nutmeg and tulip

Eddy found the FLORIDA CONE, NUTMEG and BANDED TULIP this morning.

My purple scallop shell

I hope this weekend is just as good…..or even better.