Rasher-frasher! I missed all the fun today at Blind Pass. With all of this wind kicking up in the gulf from that tropical depression, it looks like it was good shelling today and it was…….. thanks to our blog buddy who is kind enough to share her day ………and now….drum roll please….

Guest Blogger Of The Day…Karen Blackford!

She talked to blog friends from Connecticut Rachael who found a beautiful FLAT and Eddy who found lots of OLIVES.

Rachael and Eddy (CT) Photo by Karen Blackford

I’m just so sorry I missed meeting everybody at Blind Pass but I was getting loosened up for the weekend shelling. If any of you are having any “Sanibel Stoop” issues with your neck, back or shoulders, I suggest you see massage therapist Sara at McGregor Chiropractic and Massage. I feel sooo much better! I can’t believe we finally get some really good shelling weather and all I could think about was relaxing with a nice massage. Then, in “blogs” Karen with this awesome video of the shells rolling in at Blind Pass. Bravo Karen!