Bird in paradise

I was tickled to be able to go shelling on South Seas Island Resorton Captiva Island yesterday.  I’ve been hearing about the big shell pile on the north tip by the jetty along Redfish Pass…… I was not disappointed. Now, that’s a shell pile! I found lots of different shells like WHELKS and FIGHTING CONCHS but tons of LETTERED OLIVES and KITTEN’S PAWS with both sides together.

Lettered Olives on a jetty rock

Whole Kitten's paws

If you know me? You know I loooove WORM SHELLS!  Oh yeaya, I got me some WORMS SHELLS. They were just sitting on top!

Worm shell just waiting to be picked

Worm shell on top of the pile

Florida worm shell

I did place this last one on a broken clam shell so you could see the color, the funky curl and the little white tip. I just love them- call me crazy.

Brenda (Loxahatchee, FL)

A South Seas guest, Brenda, was in her own heaven finding FIGHTING CONCHS. She told me she makes tables with them that she uses in her home on the East coast of Florida.

South Seas Resort beach with shells

You have to be an owner or a South Seas Island Resort guest to access this part of the beach.  I felt fortunate that I was asked to be a guest by a friend….sweet, huh?  So, if you are staying there, you practically have first dibs on the shells.

South Seas Island Resort entrance