Coquina beach on Sanibel

Hundreds of COQUINAS are washing up on the beach at the east end of Sanibel. Most of them are alive and actively digging back under the sand when the waves come crashing in.  My picture above shows that by the late afternoon low tide , they might be getting a little tired of the constant waves coming in. I don’t blame them! That’s a lot of digging…. remember my Coquina Coverup video? I haven’t seen so many on our beaches since that day last month… until yesterday.

Coquina colors

Coquina stripes

The wind has been picking up from Tropical storm Bonnie so the kiteboarders were loving life  and for us? There could be some really good shelling ….hmmmm…I’m guessing maybe on Sunday! Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Kiteboarder and coquinas

Kiteboarder in the air

I do have some more exciting news (other than we might have  really fun shelling coming up this week from TS Bonnie). I attended a meeting this morning making the 75th Annual Sanibel Shell Fair and Show in 2012 the most spectacular week-long seashell event ever on the planet called “Shellabration!”. The fair is normally a 3 day event but in 2012 it will be February 26 through March 3 (as of now). A Shellebration for shellers! Yes! I will keep you posted.