Sunset on the east end of Sanibel

Sunsets are so romantic. You don’t get to see the actual sunset from the beach on the east end of Sanibel but the sky can be so colorful and breathtaking. I’m not even sure if it isn’t even better sometimes to see the reflection like this one last night because it seems to last forever.

Emily and her mom Carol (Rolla, MO)

It must have been in the air because Carol wrote a seashell love note to her husband in the the sand using SCALLOP shells while on a “girls only” vacation with her daughter Emily. She took a picture of her note (Bill + CM) and said she would email it to her husband when she got back to her hotel room. How sweet!

Scallop shell love note

Jim and Beth (Sanibel)

We ran into Sanibel friends, Jim and Beth, combing the shoreline for the mini shells. They found a few DRILLS, AUGERS, a teeny tiny CONE, an OLIVE and a funky chunk of CORAL.

Beth's minis and piece of coral