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Collecting seashells on the beaches of Sanibel, Captiva and the world

Here Comes The Sanibel Sun

Posted by on Nov 10, 2015 in Sea Life, sunrise, Sunsets | 13 comments

sunset shell wash from receding tide-1

A few more beautiful sunrises and sunsets have happened since I took this photo last week. I almost forgot about showing you these amazing treasures and moments because time seems to be passing with the speed of light. I didn’t find the shell of a lifetime so it didn’t seem as important to post. But that’s not what its all about, is it? It’s not just finding the biggest and best shell pile in the world. It’s finding something that makes you happy and content while you are on the hunt for that once in a lifetime seashell. The amazing thing about beach combing is that every day and every hour there’s something beautiful to see or washes up at your toes.

collecting small shells-1

Life is colorful. No two people will see beauty the same way.

small shells and fishing bling-1

Enjoy each moment on the beach. You might not find a more special place on earth.

sand dollar shells-1

There will be days you will never forget.

sand dollar-1

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Happy Easter From Sanibel

Posted by on Apr 5, 2015 in Beach Holiday, Easter, sunrise, Sunsets | 22 comments

Happy Seashell Easter with dyed sand dollars

Shellebrate this beautiful day…

Seashells sunset on the dock of Sanibel bay

In this glorious time…

Sunset over seashells on Sanibel Island Florida

Of this colorful life.

Palm Trees at sunrise on Sanibel

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Life Is Good With A Sanibel Sunrise

Posted by on Jan 19, 2015 in Gulf Side City Beach (Algier's), Live Sand Dollar, Middle Gulf Drive, Sand Dollar, Sanibel, sunrise | 34 comments

closeup shells on the beach

It’s really a shame I’m not a morning person. Everybody assumes since I’m an obsessed sheller that I’m always the first one on the beach every morning. Wrong! I’m a lazy bum in the mornings and I love to sleep in… but there are a few certain occasions I like to see the sunrise. One of those occasions would be a really low morning tide after some nice north winds. That’ll give me a little shove out the door every time.

sunrise over sanibel shells

Every single solitary time I’m on the beach to witness a new day as the sun rises up over a fresh new string of shells with a golden glow… I wish I was a morning person.

sanibel shoreline at dawn

It’s the time to see live healthy creatures.

live sand dollar in crushed shell

I didn’t even have to touch this SAND DOLLAR to know it was alive. Not only was it dark brown, I could see cilia (or what I call “fur”) lining the outside of its body as well as each of the key hole slits. So beautiful!

cilia showing on a live sand dollar

This live LIGHTNING WHELK had already done an excellent job of digging itself back into the wet sand to wait for the tide to soon cover him back up completely so I left him alone as well.

live lightning whelk digging in the sand

My sunrise morning trip to Gulfside City Park Beach to see the beautiful colors of dawn, feel the calmness and to pick up a few treasures was well worth hearing that alarm clock ringing in the dark. But when I think about it, every single time I’m on the beach whether its dawn, mid morning, noon, afternoon, early evening or at dusk… I find something that makes me happy.

Seashells by the Sanibel seashore

A few minutes before I headed home, I admired my loot and realized that I didn’t need to take everything I picked up. So if my biggest decision of the day was to choose which shells made it home with me… life is good today.

Collecting seashells at Gulfside City Park beach Sanibel

Come with me on a shelling trip! CLICK HERE

pam rambo shelling trips

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Sanibel’s Captivating Live Sea Creatures

Posted by on Jan 5, 2015 in Lightning Whelk, Live Sand Dollar, low tide, Operculum, Sand Dollar, Starfish, sunrise, Whelk | 16 comments

lightning whelk in surf

As we celebrate new days watching the sun rise over the horizon at low tide in the new year on Sanibel…

Sanibel sunrise

We also shellebrate the gifts of the sea…

seashell and waves at blue dawn

We also celebrate the gift of witnessing living creatures exposing themselves for just a short time as the water recedes.

live lightning whelk at sunrise

With most animals, we are easily able to see if they are alive, healthy and breathing but with creatures of the sea that have washed ashore, it’s a little bit more difficult. We (shellers) take the time to to look for signs of life with respect. As soon as I saw this shell was occupied by noticing the body and OPERCULUM of the “snail” still intact, I gently placed it back in the water covered with sand making sure the opening faced down into to sand.

live lightning whelk in sand and sea foam

Even for some shellers, it’s hard to tell if a SAND DOLLAR is dead or alive so the best thing to do first is… slow down. Take a few minutes to look for any cilia which looks like fur or looks a little fuzzy in the edges. Any time a SAND DOLLAR is this color, assume that it is still alive… gently place it back in the water.

Live sand dollar bottom

If a STARFISH is any where near the water or if the sand is still damp where you found it, always assume it is still alive too and let it be.

starfish in the sand with shells

Shellers are very fortunate to have seen the miracles of Mother Nature as we comb the shorelines to discover the magic of the sea. We learn new lessons every day we walk the water’s edge. For most beach combers, we know the signs of life in sea creatures but inexperienced visitors may be overwhelmed with the beauty that surrounds them and not know to take the time to look for signs of life. Since I grew up on the water, I always assumed other folks knew shells, SAND DOLLARS and STARFISH live their lives close to shore but now I’ve learned that most people don’t know much about life in the ocean or gulf. First time visitors to the beach may have heard how amazing shell collecting is and unintentionally collect a live animal without knowing it. It’s an amazing experience to see the compassion on a new sheller’s face after learning they have collected a live animal then race it to the water where they found it to save its life. Most just don’t know… and are thankful to learn and appreciate the living ocean even more.

father and daughter on the beach at sunrise

There have been so many live critters exposed during the morning’s low tide the last few days so with many newbies on the beaches, I’m sure I’ll get to see the amazement on someone’s face that just learned for the first time that shells, sand dollars and starfish are living beings and are still actually alive.

live fighting conch sw florida

Come with me on a shelling trip! For upcoming dates … CLICK HERE

pam rambo shelling trips

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Sanibel Sunrise Whelkcome Mat

Posted by on Dec 27, 2012 in Lightning Whelk, Sanibel Stoop, sunrise, True tulip | 33 comments

whelk shell sunrise sanibel

As our year of 2012 is winding down, Sanibel Island is bustling with tourists this week shellebrating the holidays with sunshine, clear skies and plenty of empty souvenir seashells on our beaches. At sunrise, low tide exposed a “whelkcome” mat of large live WHELKS, CONCHS and TULIPS at Gulfside City Park this morning to view these magnificent living creatures for just a few minutes before the incoming tide covered them up again.

true tulip sunrise sanibel

A true gift to see the miracle of a living MOLLUSK.

whelk seashell beach color


sanibel sunrise stoop

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Scouting The Beaches

Posted by on Feb 12, 2012 in Conch, Egg Casing, Horse Conch, sunrise, Sunsets | 22 comments

live orange horse conch

 After almost 2 days of high north/west winds, I bundled up in my warmest clothes then hit the 45 degree beach this morning. I know some of you are experiencing much lower temps than that ….. but geeez….the wind chill was killer. My finger tips almost froze off! This poor guy was not too happy either rolling in the surf but he was still healthy and kicking.

live horse conch

 I was a little surprised but there was only a few left over shells at the jetty rocks on Captiva…

jetty rocks captiva florida blind pass

One side of the sand bar in the pass had a few COCKLES and CALICO SCALLOPS…

Captiva Blind Pass cockle sunrise

The other side had no shells but still had a beautiful view…

sand bar sunrise captiva

 Then I went home. Late this afternoon, I couldn’t stand it. I went back to Blind Pass to scout out the beach again thinking the shells were finally coming in.

seasheller sun glow

Not yet still! But I did find Susan from Fort Walton Beach, FL. She found a few treasures including this double ALTERNATE TELLIN…

Susan Captiva seashell

 There were a few LETTERED OLIVES, FIGHTING CONCHS and COCKLES to brighten the day. I also saw lots of HORSE CONCH EGG CASES…

horse conch egg case

Tomorrow, the mercury will start to rise. Oh thank goodness. And maybe we’ll see some shell piles too!

sunset sanibel blind pass turner beach

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