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Sanibel Sunrise Whelkcome Mat

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whelk shell sunrise sanibel

As our year of 2012 is winding down, Sanibel Island is bustling with tourists this week shellebrating the holidays with sunshine, clear skies and plenty of empty souvenir seashells on our beaches. At sunrise, low tide exposed a “whelkcome” mat of large live WHELKS, CONCHS and TULIPS at Gulfside City Park this morning to view these magnificent living creatures for just a few minutes before the incoming tide covered them up again.

true tulip sunrise sanibel

A true gift to see the miracle of a living MOLLUSK.

whelk seashell beach color


sanibel sunrise stoop


Scouting The Beaches

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live orange horse conch

 After almost 2 days of high north/west winds, I bundled up in my warmest clothes then hit the 45 degree beach this morning. I know some of you are experiencing much lower temps than that ….. but geeez….the wind chill was killer. My finger tips almost froze off! This poor guy was not too happy either rolling in the surf but he was still healthy and kicking.

live horse conch

 I was a little surprised but there was only a few left over shells at the jetty rocks on Captiva…

jetty rocks captiva florida blind pass

One side of the sand bar in the pass had a few COCKLES and CALICO SCALLOPS…

Captiva Blind Pass cockle sunrise

The other side had no shells but still had a beautiful view…

sand bar sunrise captiva

 Then I went home. Late this afternoon, I couldn’t stand it. I went back to Blind Pass to scout out the beach again thinking the shells were finally coming in.

seasheller sun glow

Not yet still! But I did find Susan from Fort Walton Beach, FL. She found a few treasures including this double ALTERNATE TELLIN…

Susan Captiva seashell

 There were a few LETTERED OLIVES, FIGHTING CONCHS and COCKLES to brighten the day. I also saw lots of HORSE CONCH EGG CASES…

horse conch egg case

Tomorrow, the mercury will start to rise. Oh thank goodness. And maybe we’ll see some shell piles too!

sunset sanibel blind pass turner beach

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Sanibel Low Tide Golden Sky

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Sanibel stoop yellow low tide

Walking out on the beach before sunrise is a special feeling. It has an extra special feeling when it is a very low tide of -1.0 AND it’s Christmas weekend.

collecting seashells flashlight sanibel

I thought my eyes hadn’t focused when I took this next photo of Clark. Whatever happened to it (too early in the morning?)… I’m so glad! It came out like a beautiful impressionist painting…

sunrise sheller watercolor

As the sun was rising near the Sanibel lighthouse, the sky turned golden…

Sanibel lighthouse sunrise yellow

We saw lots of live shells and washed up sea life like this poor LINED STARFISH that took a beating but wouldn’t give up despite losing all of its arms. It survived al of the elements and started growing each of its arms back. What a survivor!

starfish regrow arms

And you thought all SEA PORK was ugly, right? Well look again! This one looks just like an orange with its bright orange peel.

orange peel sea pork

My best find was this rich in color nice sized TRUE TULIP…

True tulip sanibel lighthouse

Clark had the find of the day with this WAY cool tiny shell I have never identified before. It’s a COFFEE BEAN TRIVIA

coffee bean trivia sanibel florida

coffee bean trivia aperture finger

Coffee bean trivia finger

We both tried to rub off those brown smudges…HA! Silly us, those brown spots are part of the shell! That would be like trying to rub off the spots off a JUNONIA or SCOTCH BONNET. Silly!

coffee bean trivia Niveria pediculus

coffee bean trivia Niveria pediculus aperture

Hmmmm…. whaddaya think? Look like coffee beans to you?

Sanibel coffee beans

Sanibel photographer sunrise