sunset shell wash from receding tide-1

A few more beautiful sunrises and sunsets have happened since I took this photo last week. I almost forgot about showing you these amazing treasures and moments because time seems to be passing with the speed of light. I didn’t find the shell of a lifetime so it didn’t seem as important to post. But that’s not what its all about, is it? It’s not just finding the biggest and best shell pile in the world. It’s finding something that makes you happy and content while you are on the hunt for that once in a lifetime seashell. The amazing thing about beach combing is that every day and every hour there’s something beautiful to see or washes up at your toes.

collecting small shells-1

Life is colorful. No two people will see beauty the same way.

small shells and fishing bling-1

Enjoy each moment on the beach. You might not find a more special place on earth.

sand dollar shells-1

There will be days you will never forget.

sand dollar-1