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Signs of paradise. Seashells, flowers and turquoise water

There’s such beauty surrounding Cayo Costa Island and we saw so much of it on our Captiva Cruises iLoveShelling beach combing adventure yesterday. Sierra from Arizona fit right in with all of the beauty.

Sierra from Arizona beach combing Florida

So did Alesa from Atlanta…

Alesa from Atlanta with Florida beach treasures

So did Alesa’s beach finds. Gorgeous!

Beach treasures finds on shelling trip

Everyone I met … happy and beautiful. Just like Addie, Annie and Ashlee from Kentucky.

Addie, Annie, Ashlee Kentucky visit Florida

Kelcey and Casey from Pennsylvania snorkeled in the beautiful water to find a few treasures.

Kelcey Casey from Pennsylvania snorkel Florida

Even the tree roots made for a beautiful seat for Bonnie from Texas to sort through her beach finds.

Beach combing the islands of Florida

She brought her beautiful family Sandy, Macy, Mason and Brian.

Sandy, Macy, Mason, Brian and Bonnie from Texas beach combing Florida

So much beautiful beach bling…

Florida beach bling finds

Candace, Leslie and her husband from Texas found a few treasures to make them happy.

Candace and Leslie from Texas beach combing Florida

Awwwww. Sweet Wendy. She actually made my day meeting her and talking with her on the beach about our love of shelling. She truly loves everything about the beach (xo).

Wendy from Illinois with autographed sand dollar

On the boat ride back Patrick, Tristan, MaryBeth and Peyton from Orlando showed me their fave finds.

Patrick, Tristan, MaryBeth, Peyton Orlando shelling cruise

Such beautiful colors…

Florida Beach finds July 2015

Cutie Maya from GA showed us his 2 fave finds … an ATALANTIC GIANT COCKLE and a SOUTHERN QUAHOG.

Maya GA cockle and quahog

Austin and Kathryn had the best beach bling find… a good size fish lure that Austin said will be perfect to catch a Cobia.

Austin Kathryn with beach bling lure find

It was such a pleasure to meet Martha, Linda, Josh, Liz, Michael, Angie and Grace from MO as well. Shellers have the nicest families!

Martha, Linda Josh, Liz, Michael, Angie, Grace MO on shelling cruise


Its always a special day when we see MANATEES swim by the shore just feet from the beach. We saw 2 of them!

Gulf Of Mexico Manatee

Each and every beachcomber on iLoveShelling adventures seems to be one big family at the end of the day. I love these days!i Love Shelling beach combing cruise

And to top it off… a few BABYS EARS too…

Baby's ear shell on the shady shelly beach

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beautiful shells found on iLoveShelling shelling trip

These three awesome ALPHABET CONES were found by Shawn and Dawn (Jacksonville) along with so many other incredishell finds on our Sight Sea-R Cruise to Big Hickory Island this week. Shellzam!

Shawn and Dawn Jax find shells and sand dollars

Everybody had smiles on their faces like Stephanie, Sydney, Lyndey and Carley (Mississippi) as soon as the boat pulled up on the beach.

Stephanie, Sydney, Lyndey, Carley MS collecting shells and sand dollars

More smiling faces like Kristin, Kathy and Nathan from Fargo.

Kristin, Kathy and Nathan (Fargo) beachcombing Florida

There were plenty of FARGO WORM SHELLS to take back to Fargo- heehee.

Fargo worm shell in seashell pile on Florida beach

Ken and Abigail (from Dallas) were thrilled to see and learn about the live mollusks like this live LIGHTNING WHELK Abigail found in the water. We snapped this photo then Abigail gently put it back in the water where she found it.

Ken and Abigail Dallas find beautiful shells in Florida

Isabella, John and Carrie from Colorado found another live WHELK too! It is always so much fun to see these gorgeous living creatures for just a second to have such an appreciation for them and learn about them then to return them to their natural habitat.

Isabella, John, Carrie CO collecting shells in Florida

Isabella has been a collector for years so she didn’t take all of the empty shells she found… but she did keep a few of her favorites. I do the same thing Isabella, it was so nice to hang out with you!

Isabella seashells

Its always so nice to gather together a bunch of shellers on these iLoveShelling trips because I get to meet so many nice families like Marsha, Paul, Raymond, Lauren, Gary, Robin and Betty from North Carolina.

Marsha, Paul, Raymond, Lauren, Gary, Robin and Betty NC seashelling Florida

They all found treasures they will forever remember.

Florida sand dollars and alphabet cones

So many beautiful families on our trip. So lovely to talk to Nathan, Chris, Matthew and Sarah (KY).  Happy Birthday Nathan!

Nathan, Chris, Matthew and Sarah KY beachcombing Florida

Look at their beach combing loot! Pretty good birthday, right?

Beach finds on Florida shelling trip

Sarah not only went for the bigger shells, but also enjoys the minis. I always love to see the mini shells- it makes my heart happy. Sweetness.

miniature shells found on shelling trip

The water was so crystal clear, snorkeling was a blast. Cassie and Jolie were like fish!

Cassie and Jolie snorkeling Florida

Local sheller Darla was so happy to find oodles of perfect white shells for shell crafting a frame. Have fun Darla- I love that too!

Darla finds seashells for frame shell crafts

Orange you glad you went on this trip Lisa (TX)? Her whole bag was filled with orange shells! She found orange JINGLES, SLIPPERS, CALICO SCALLOPS, ROUGH SCALLOPS, BAY SCALLOPS, CONCHS, WORM SHELLS and more. Fun!

Lisa TX collecting orange beach finds

Mother daughter shellers Penny and Carolyn (also from Texas) were so much to talk to as well.

Penny, Carolyn TX shelling trip

They found some fabulous shells with such striking patterns.

Florida sea shells from beach combing trip

We saw so much wildlife on the boat ride to the island… MANATEES, DOLPHINS, STINGRAYS and we even passed by a kayaker telling in and catching a REDFISH. So cool!

Kayaker catching a redfish

It was a perfect boat ride to a perfect day on the beach with an awesome group of people.

Florida Angel wing shells with purple railroad vine flower

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Good Day On The Water In SW Florida

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Barnacled shell on the beach

My favorite days seem to be whenever I’m on the water… especially any day on the water when DOLPHINS are playing.

Captiva Dolphin and shelling cruise

DOLPHINS were surrounding our Captiva Cruises boat on the way to our shelling adventure to Cayo Costa yesterday and I was lucky enough to catch this one’s dance. So cute!

Dolphin jumping next to our boat

When we pulled up to the island, the water was bright turquoise and the beach was beautiful… but seemed a little shell-less. Then Lynn and Bertha from Colorado showed me one of the biggest BABYS EARS I’ve ever seen.

Lynn and Bertha from Colorado visit Sanibel for shells

Oh baby!

Very large Baby's Ear shell

Explorers Kelby, Kiley and Sadie from Wyoming found beautiful OLIVES and FIGHTING CONCHS in the water.

Kelby, Kiley and Sadie from Wyoming collect shells in Florida

I met so many awesome families like Stacy, Whitney, Windsor and Chris from Jacksonville. Whitney was happy to find a nice size ANGEL WING to add to her collection.

Stacy, Whitney, Windsor and Chris from Jacksonville visit Sanibel

Sophia, Kate and Hannah from Indiana found some treasures for their shell bags but Hannah carefully held a SAND DOLLAR that broke in two perfect halves to keep a couple of sweet “Doves” still inside safe and sound.

Sophia, Kate and Hannah from Indiana visit Sanibel

Jeanne and Karen from Clearwater Florida found a BABYS EAR as well but I couldn’t keep my eyes off their darling hats. I need to start wearing a big floppy again too- adorable!

Jeanne and Karen from Clearwater Florida collect shells in Cayo Costa

Erin and Maura from New Jersey snorkeled for the first time since the water was so clear but I found out later, Maura is like me… her mask always fogs up so she ends up combing the beaches instead.

Erin and Maura from New Jersey visit Sanibel for shells

Linda from Fort Lauderdale had her whole beautiful family with her -Abby, Tim, Nick, Lisa, Maria and Zach- to shellebrate her birthday. Happy Birthday Linda!

Linda, Abby, Tim, Nick, Lisa, Maria and Zach from Ft Lauderdale visit Captiva

Hey Dylan! Happy Birthday to you too! It was fun to shellebrate with you, Deanna and your family on such a pretty day.

Deanna and Dylan from Ohio collect Florida shells

With shells!

Shells found on Cayo Costa Island Florida

Jack found the shell of the day! He saw a tiny bit of this big old LIGHTNING WHELK sticking out of the sand and got a little curious so he dug around it. Shellzam! It was a whole empty shell.

Jack holds big crusty whelk

He got to shellebrate his find with his sister Alex too.Alex and Jack find shells on Florida beach

It was a beautiful day to spend with a wonderful group of people. Thank you so much for joining me!

Shell tree Cayo Costa


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