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Juvie Junonia Sweet Success

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Junonia with clam shells on Sanibel

Finding a JUNONIA is always a sweet success but finding a teenie tiny juvie JUNONIA is (in my humble opinion) the best ever! My heart is so happy for shelling sistah “Diane From Tucson” because she is just about the sweetest thing put on this planet. Shellzam!

Diane from Tucson with junonia

She found this special JUNONIA on the Sanibel side of Blind Pass down near that wood jetty that gets uncovered every once in a while. Congratshellations, Diane. Here she is looking for another one- heehee.

pink sheller in shell pile

After hanging out with her for a while, I got the itch to see what was happening on the Captiva side of Blind Pass. Holy Cowrie! A huge shell pile was forming right before my eyes…

Shells build up at Blind Pass Captiva at jetty


I’ve got so many photos but the best way to describe it is to show you in a video. Now, hang on… put your sea legs on and get your seasick patch secured because of course I was excited, overwhelmed and trying to shell while shooting this footage so I did the best I could to carry you along. You will see lots of things I missed so you might catch yourself yelling at me to pick them up… it’s ok. I understand and you can yell at me all you want because I did the same thing when I watched for the first time. There is another great WORMIE I missed. Ack! Anyway, Enjoy your time on the shell pile and I’ll show you more photos later. YouTube Preview Image

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Beach Love And Seashells

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Seashells with aqua flip flop toes on the beach
It’s a special moment to witness the power of Mother Nature as she displays some of her greatest works of art at the tip of your flip flops.

Dreaming of seashells, sunshine and blue ocean

It seems in the blink of an eye, there is a sand bar that formed between Sanibel and Captiva at Blind Pass... and the next moment there are new shells washing on top of it.

The perfect day. Beach, Waves and Seashells.

Each wave brings a special gift.

seahells in bubbling waves

With no preconceived expectations, the surprise of seeing Mother Nature’s treasures wash up is the greatest gift of all.
collecting seashells on Captiva Island Florida after cold front

Pam, Deb and Dave were there to see the glorious day over the weekend…

pam, deb, dave from s dakota  visit captiva shells


Beach treasures and seashells found on Captiva

There’s no better view in the world.

Flip flops and seashells on the beach. Paradise

Take a little escape for a moment… Feel the sunshine and imagine your cute toes in flip flops… then click on this next video. Ahhhh. You feel it? YouTube Preview Image

PS- Gulfside City Park has major Beach Bling too!


Baby Ear Shells Heard Our Call

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Collection of Baby ear shells on shelling trip

It was a BABY EAR kinda day on Cayo Costa.

Collecting sea shells on Cayo Costa Island Florida

Aaron searches for some treasures in a nice high tide shell line


White baby ear shells and angel wings

Barbara’s faves 2 baby ears, angel wings and an urchin

BABY EARS, ANGEL WINGS and dried SEA URCHINS were some of the other goodies we found on our iLoveShelling cruise on Captiva Cruises awesome boat cruise.
It was a shellucky day! Espeshelly since we didn’t even think we could go due to the light rain. But after looking at radar and realizing no lightning, we took off anyway. Shellers are tough! Yep, We love shelling that much.


Its worth going when u find a bag of beautiful dried SEA URCHINS.



And get to hang out with such nice folks.


Tom even found a perfectly dried BRITTLE STAR high in the wrack line.


Look how big Jennifer’s LIGHTNING WHELK is. Such a pretty color and pattern too.


We had plenty of different wrack lines to hunt for shells.


The water was perfectly clear with aqua stripes peeking out in the sunshine.


Warren, Peg and Dave joined us again and of course Dave found an ALPHABET CONE.


Look at the awesome group of Shellers!


I was so tickled to see so many of the sweet mini SEA URCHINS after I just wrote my post on how to clean them. It’s SHELLENDIPITY! Cayo costa Florida sea urchins

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