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Massive Mound Of Seashells

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massive shells on Captiva island florida

Be still my beating heart!! Seeing this awesome sight of a massive mound of shells sure does get the blood pumping and the adrenaline flowing.

Captiva island mound of sea shells

Blind Pass Captiva was rocking yesterday afternoon with shells rolling in with every wave. I stood on top of the mound to see Barb from St Louis pick up a gorgeous orange FLAT SCALLOP.

barb from st louis found flat scallop shell on captiva florida

Debbie from Cape Coral found her first part of a JUNONIA which is the perfect size to make into a necklace or other piece of jewelry.

debbie from cape coral finds top of junonia on captiva island

I was thrilled to see that Sharon from Orlando found a very cool piece of bling…

sharon from orlando finds a texas longhorn on Captiva island Florida

… Two different TEXAS LONGHORNS! This is great BEACH BLING! If you missed my post about them in January, you should read this post … CLICK HERE.

texas longhorn bryozoa captiva

Yesterday morning, I was at Gulfside City Park to find a wrack line of shells as far as I could see. Seeing a long string of shells like this along the shore gets my heart pumping too but once I start picking through them, it has a different effect on me… I relax and zone out everything else in the world. Love, love, love.

seashells wash up on sanibel island florida in april

These are some of my gorgeous treasures…

seashells and beach bling on sanibel island florida

On my last post when I showed you that crazy STARFISH eating the SEA URCHIN, I didn’t get a chance to show you some of the other cool things I found at Lighthouse Beach just after the storms came through.

beach at sanibel lighthouse before the storm

I met Pam and Steve from Iowa as he was scooping up shells to bring to her to sort. It reminded me of that video of the Shellingmen Tribe I did last year. LOL

shelling at the Sanibel lighthouse with rain


bag of Sanibel shells with dosinias

They even found a perfect PURPLE SEA URCHIN.

pam found purple sea urchin

I still have so many other cool things but they will have to wait but just so you know…. Most beaches along Southwest Florida today should till be very good shelling conditions. So if you are any where near a swfl beach, get going! Just try your luck at finding at least one sweet treasure.

seashells wash up around jetty rocks

Oh… and I added a button on the right side on this page about my camera. I constantly get asked what type of camera I use so I decided its time I just made a page about it. I’ve tried to get fancy and buy several really high end cameras with big zoom lenses but it never works out since I end up worrying about my camera instead of enjoying my time beach combing. So I stick with this one because I can capture a great photo or video while I am enjoying my time on the beach (FYI- its not waterproof though).

my panasonic camera


Smell The Salt In The Sanibel Captiva Air

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The beach will color your world

Sunny blue skies, aqua water and warm breezes have filled our beach days in Southwest Florida this week- it’s been absolutely gorgeous!

seashells on the beach- Captiva Island Florida

But last week, we had some dark skies, rain and a cool (60s) weather front from the west move through to bring some unusual shells. Susan from Wisconsin found what looked to be an AMERICAN STAR-SHELL at Lighthouse Beach. That is a common shell in Caribbean waters but not often on Sanibel or Captiva. UPDATE: MurexKen notified me that this is most likely a MACULATED TOP SHELL which is from IndoPacific region…. NOT an AMERICAN STAR-SHELL. Oops!

susan from wisconson found an american star shell sanibel

Check out my post from our Road Trip To The Florida Keys to see our AMERICAN STAR-SHELLS we found there to compare this…

American star-shell found on sanibel island

Then compare it to the MACULATED TOP SHELL at . Yes, he’s absolutely right- it’s not a shell that is found in our area… it’s what I call a “Wedding Shell”. Folks who decorate for weddings and parties on our beaches buy bags of shells (which originate in the Philippines or other IndoPacific areas)  then spread them on the beach for decoration. Then they get washed out by the tide or thrown in and the shell gets washed up again to have a collector like  Susan pick it up. I will do a post on these “Wedding Shells” very soon- I promise since this happens way too often. Thank you MurexKen for pointing it out to me!

susan found an american star shell on Sanibel island

Okay- lets get back to the beach….

I saw the Shellucky Luckett Ladies again at the beach last week too when that cold front came through. Cuties!

shellucky luckett ladies shelling sanibel

Martha (far right in the Shellucky Luckett Ladies photo) found this amazing LIONS PAW! Shellzam! See? Thats why they are called “Shellucky”!

martha's lions paw

When the sun came out and the weather warmed up, I headed to Captiva to do my favorite type of beach combing and experience the art of shelling…. SMELL the salt in the air, FEEL the sand between your toes, LISTEN to Beach Sounds by Mother Nature, LOOK at the seascapes and seashells, and RELAX.

beachcombing Captiva Florida

On my journey, I saw this…

zig zag flat scallop cybershelling

Such a gift. Thank you Mother Nature for this beautiful ZIG ZAG FLAT SCALLOP!

beautiful flat scallop Captiva Florida

But even better, I found a STRAWBERRY COCKLE! I know it doesn’t look like much and these are more common in the Caribbean as well, but they just aren’t common here so it’s always a happy day to find one (I think this makes only 4 in our collection from Sanibel or Captiva.

strawberry cockle found on Captiva Island Florida

This is exactly how I found this sweet SAND DOLLAR.

sand dollar cybershelling

I love calm days after a “storm” of busy days to slow stroll along the beach to see it lined with shellions of treasures like KITTENS PAWS, DARK CERITHS, CHESTNUT TURBANS, PAINTED EGG COCKLES and LADY-IN-WAITING CLAMS like these.

collecting seashells on Captiva Island florida

shelling adventures trips by pam


Not Just Another Silly White Shell

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painted egg cockles captiva sand bar

I’ve never seen so many glossy PAINTED EGG COCKLES wash up together as much as I have on the new sand bar at Blind Pass Captiva. Gail Carr (Maryland) collected of these beauties and much more sweet gems she sorted in this fab tackle box…

other side of boxed seashells from sanibel

That nice little organized box had another side too she filled with sweet treasures…

box of miniature shells from sanibel florida

I love to talk to people who get so much enjoyment at collecting so many different varieties of shells… as I do. Gail said “Each shell has it’s own unique beauty.” I agree! That’s why I got so thrilled when she showed me she found a couple of my new fave shell… the CROSS-HATCHED LUCINE.

gail carr shelling captiva lucine

She found a TEXAS LONGHORN too!

texas longhorn bryozoa

She even found a few SHIVA SHELLS … which are the OPERCULUM to the CHESTNUT TURBAN. Gail happen to find a few bright orange CHESTNUT TURBANS as well so I wanted you to see what they looked like together.

orange chestmut turban shiva shell operculum

Looking in the same area where I found my SCOTCH BONNET last week, I found 6 more CROSS-HATCHED LUCINES.

cross hatched lucine seashells sanibel

I was thrilled to have  shared the excitement with Gail since she had found a few and didn’t think I wasn’t crazy for feeling so excited about finding “just another silly plain white clam shell”. LOL

divalinga quadrisulcata cross hatched lucine captiva

In less than a month, this whole sandy beach on the pass side of the jetty rocks has formed and if you look closely, here are some hidden gems in there. Seriously… twenty days ago, I took this next photo of the shelling on the Sanibel side and it shows in the background the Captiva jetty rocks…no sand bar.

blind pass sanibel looking at jetty rocks at captiva

Over the weekend (on my way to find my precious LUCINES) I took this photo of my view as I stood on the bridge that connects Sanibel to Captiva looking over to the Captiva side. Wild, huh? This is what keeps me shelling day after day… the beaches change every single day and you never know what you will find until you get there!

blind pass sand bar changes

shelling adventures trips by pam


Happy Sanibel Shelling in December

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december 2013 shelling on sanibel

Just as Clark and I stepped on the beach yesterday, we saw a string of shells on the shoreline of Blind Pass Sanibel and the happy site of lots of Sanibel Stoopers.

shelling on christmas day sanibel 2013

As we got closer to the sand bar, we saw a mound of shells … YIPPEE! A  shell pile! Frances from Texas and her granddaughter Kelly “Sittin’ N Siftin” for shells.

kelly francés from texas visit sanibel florida for seashells

In their bags, they collected CONCHS, COCKLES and OLIVES but their favorites were lots of CHESTNUT TURBANS, large AUGERS,  an ALTERNATE TELLIN, CONCHS and WHELKS.

alternate tellin turbans auger whelk conch sanibel

Oooooh… And Helene and her daughter Wendy found a JUNONIA “cob”.

helene wendy from new york visiting Sanibel Florida for shells

Wendy also found an ALPHABET CONE as well but there’s more…

junonia cone shell found sanibel florida wendy


I think Wendy’s new name should be WonderSheller Wendy since her husband posted a photo on the iLoveShelling Facebook page of her other finds in the last few days at Blind Pass Sanibel. A SCOTCH BONNET, GOLDEN OLIVE, KINGS CROWNS, GAUDY NATICA and so much more! Every time I see her on the beach, she has something pretty extraordinary in her shell bag. Shellzam!

wendy shells from Facebook

Rachel (holding a SHARKS EYE), Amy (with her fave COCKLE) and Sarah (with a sweet JUVIE CONCH) from Minnesota we happy as clams finding their favorite treasures from the sea.

rachel amy sarah minnesota visit sanibel shelling

Roya from Maryland showed me her favorite shell… a WORMIE! Nice one.

roya from maryland visits sanibel for shelling

It was an extra fun day for me since Super Sheller Clark got to take it easy and shell to his heart’s content…

clark rambo shelling sanibel christmas

He always gives most of his shells away to whomever is nearby but these were his faves to bring home… an ALPHIE, LACE MUREX (with brown coloration) and a beauty of an OLIVE.

clark's fave shells on Christmas

I can never pass up collecting sunbeam SCALLOPS…

sanibel sunbeam scallops

Some days I get on an obsession with one type of shell, and yesterday was the KITTENS PAW. They are one of the most common shells on Sanibel but there are days when they speak to me…. “Meow!” (I guess Ive been a little obsessed with kitties this last week too. heehee)

sanibel shells kittens paws

I mentioned last week that there was construction equipment parked at the Blind Pass Captiva (Turner Beach) parking lot so it was closed. The Captiva side parking lot was still closed as of yesterday (Christmas day) but the beach is open. The Sanibel side of Blind Pass parking lot is OPEN and there are no problems shelling that beach… and I think they are wrapping it up and moving it out any day now (fingers crossed!). If you need more info go to

Sending seashells and palm trees from paradise…

one palm painting a red sky

Join me on the next shelling adventure cruise to Cayo Costa January 3 or 8, 2014! For more info CLICK HERE

shelling adventures trips by pam

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Holiday Shellidays Giving Gifts To Amaze

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net full of sanibel seashells

At Blind Pass Sanibel, shellebrates Wendy for holidays…

wendy shelling sanibel blind pass

As the Gulf Of Mexico continues to leave gifts to amaze…

conch on the beach with sea foam

For some good girls and boys like Christina and John …

christina john boston alphabet cone

With these gifts that arrive, it’s hard to stay calm…

fave shells from blind pass

No lumps of coal for David and Leah…

leah david cape coral shelling

For Frenchy and Debbie, a few treasure of the sea…

frenchy debbie east coast florida shelling sanibel

An ALPHABET CONE, how can you not like…

traci alphabet cone sanibel

“Shelling at Christmas is fantastic” says Mike…

mike shelling at christmas on sanibel

Warm days and sunshine with had full of treasure…

mike seashells of sanibel on red

Shelling on Sanibel is a pure and simple pleasure.

seashells on the seashore of sanibel

Happy Shellidays! Wishing you were here.

shelling adventures trips by pam

PS- it looks like the parking lot at Blind Pass Sanibel is going to stay open for Christmas week. The sand bar there looks like it is continuing to produce some nice shells like the ones these “good girls and boys” are finding… Enjoy!

pam rambo art gallery iloveshelling

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Holiday Treasures At Low Tide Sanibel

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showing sanibel shells

With a full moon and very low tide at sunrise this morning, I couldn’t resist strapping on my head lamp to search for shells on the sand bars at Blind Pass Sanibel at 6:30 am this morning. I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t resist.

shelling with head lamp

Chikee and Maria from New Jersey were happy to they got out there early to find some of their favorite shells. That beautiful SHARKS EYE, WORMIE and the WHELKS in the first photo were Maria’s favorites.

chikee maria new jersey shelling sanibel

Look at all of the shells Sue found! The Sanibel Six with an ALPHABET CONE, KINGS CROWN CONCH, LACE MUREXES, TRUE TULIP, OLIVES and LIGHTNING WHELKS… and so many more.

shells found at dawn blind pass sanibel

 Sue (on the right) was with her friends Mary and Alissa who came all the way from California to Sanibel to shellebrate Sue’s birthday. Best birthday ever.

mary alissa sue calif shelling sanibel

Don and Vickie came down to Sanibel from Siesta Key, Florida to do some shelling to shellebrate too. You guessed it! It was Don’s birthday too. It was a birthday party on the sand bar!

don vicki siesta shelling visit sanibel

Phil and Kathy had some to shellebrate as well. Phil’s perfect ALPHABET CONE!

phil kathy mass cone shelling sanibel

Ruth knew she had a treasure when she found a plump and perfect PAPER FIG…

paper fig olive whelk murex sanibel

Even though it was in the low 60s this morning, Nancy, Ruth and Jim were still very happy to be in shorts instead of parkas in Maryland.

nancy ruth jim maryland visits sanibel florida

It was such a lovely morning!

UPDATE 12-17-13- disregard this next statement (starting with “FYI”). We just got news that the Sanibel side of blind pass will remain open.
But…. FYI- I just got word this afternoon that Blind Pass Sanibel parking lot might be closing soon for a few weeks. The beach renourishment project will be moving to the Sanibel side of Blind Pass soon to fill in some of the beach that has been eroded since Hurricane Sandy. “Both parking lots adjacent to Blind Pass will now likely be used by construction to finish beach project. So, expect no parking lot for next two weeks.” Ugh… This is the bad news I heard today from Mike of the Captiva Erosion Prevention District. Thanks for the update, Mike! For any other updates, go to

shelling at dawn

I’ve been asked countless times if I think shelling is best at day break. I always respond saying “the best time to shell is… any chance you can get to the beach”. But when the tide is really low like every day predicted this week (Tide Chart CLICK HERE), it’s a blast to get out in the morning with all of the other hard core shellers…. on any beach in Southwest Florida. It was so worth it to find these favorites of mine

pams favorite shells december 16

Join me on a Shelling Adventure!

shelling adventures trips by pam