Sanibel seashell collection december 2014

Blind Pass Captiva has shells again this weekend… finally!

Where to find shells

A huge mound of shells formed Christmas day and continued to produce goodies through the weekend…

Shells piled high at Blind Pass Captiva Florida

I’m not sure whats going on… but it seems like in the last 5 years, Santa has left a pile of treasures somewhere at Blind Pass for us to find. And every year at this same time I run in to Dawn and Sue finding fabulous loot. Check out Dawn’s shells in the first photo- there are all sorts of great finds!

shelling the shell pile at Blind Pass Captiva Florida

It was so much fun to see friendly faces and to see the shell mound back in town.

digging for treasures Sanibel Florida

Hello, Gorgeous!

cyber shelling photo with sea shells

Welcome back home.

mound of seashells