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Collecting seashells on the beaches of Sanibel, Captiva and the world

I Sea Stars, Weeds, Urchins and Shells

Posted by on Feb 19, 2017 in Beach Bling Sea Debris | 16 comments

A little northwest wind blew in a few more seashell goodies this week at Blind Pass… including a few of of my faves like a oh so sweet BITTERSWEET, CARRIER SHELLS, bright sunshine orange CHESTNUT TURBAN, baby TRUE TULIP, LACE MUREX, RIBBED CANTHARUS, colorful CALICO SCALLOPS and  a teeny tiny cutie shellootie ROUGH SCALLOP.

I met Cindy the Shellinator a few weeks ago sitting on top of a big pile of shells while finding all sorts of great treasures then I saw her again this weekend sittin ‘n siftin in about the same place. Both times she found a CABRITS MUREX. Shellzam! Just last week the tide took all of the shells back out to sea and left us just with lots of sand. Cindy was there to catch the new shells getting washed back in so she got the pick of the shellitter. Shellack Lady!

Earlier in the week I combed Gulfside City Park a few times to see a fresh new wrack lines wash in with SEA WEEDS, SEA STARS, SEA URCHINS, lots of PEN SHELLS.

I also found all sorts of beach bling like SEA WHIPS, MOLLUSK EGG CASINGS, CRUCIFIX SHELLS, SPONGES and oodles of PAPER FIGS….. and a perfectly huge ANGEL WING (“angle” wing – wink wink). This particular egg casing in the next photo is a PAPER FIG- cool, huh?

Oh! Out of all the SEA WHIPS I saw this past week, I only found one with a purple ONE-TOOTH SIMNIA attached. It’s the little shiny chameleonic shell in the middle of this next photo. They are so easy to overlook but it sure is fun when ya spot them- it’s ike a secret treasure.


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Warm, Colorful Shells on A Sunny Beach

Posted by on Jan 8, 2017 in Big Hickory Island, Day Trips From Sanibel Island Florida & More, Sea Bean, Sea Pearl, Sight Sea-R Cruises Shelling Boat | 8 comments

As I hear about the terrible winter storms north of Florida, I feel a wheeee bit embarrassed to be complaining about the chilly weather of 54 degrees here on Sanibel Island that swept through yesterday. So before I get out my big down coat and boots with wool socks to head to the beach, I’m hoping if I post the photos I took earlier in the week from our iLoveShelling trip to Big Hickory (when we were still in bathing suits, shorts and tee shirts), it’ll warm us all up a tad.

There were warm, colorful shells strewn all over the bright sunny beach. ;)

Our group was able to wade in the Gulf Of Mexico without a care in the world.


I met awesome families with rosy sun-kissed cheeks finding buckets of shells.


Wow…. and more ALPHABET CONES!

So many shellers with their ALPHIE eyes on!

It was such a pleasure to spend such a gorgeous day hanging out with so many cool shellers.

SEA PEARLS, DRIFTWOOD and WORM SHELLS…. I absolutely loooooove these beach treasures.

JUNONIA Sue (from my last post) and friends were with us!

Thank y’all for coming out and enjoying the day with me.

A day of beach combing always warms the heart…. and hopefully helps give a little warmth even if it’s virtual shelling. Stay safe, y’all!

I’ll let ya know what these high winds from this winter storm washes up on our beaches soon. The waves are entirely too rough right now but the anticipation… always exciting! :)

PS- I’m trying to work out some new dates for the next few months so once I get everything worked out, I’ll post them on the Shelling Trips page HERE. Hopefully soon!


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Beachcombing Inspired Seashell Jewelry

Posted by on Aug 1, 2016 in Beach Art, Blind Pass Sanibel, Driftwood, Jewelry, Shell Art | 11 comments

Wendy Miller flat scallop necklace jewlery

I surround myself with seashells. I have shells and beach bling in every room of my house, my yard, my car, my pockets and even my dreams. So now I wear one around my neck as well. For my birthday this year, Clark bought me the sweetest little ALPHABET CONE necklace from our talented friend Wendy Miller.

pam rambo with sea shell necklace-1

It truly feels like a simple walk on the beach with the juvie cone shell, a small piece of driftwood wrapped with my fave color turquoise (amazonite) and a leather cord.

alphabet cone necklace pam rambo-1

Since I’ve had sooooo many compliments and questions about my necklace, I thought I’d introduce you to the artist… Meet local jewelry artist Wendy Miller!

Wendy Miller with seashell jewelry-1

Clark and I had such a great time shelling with her last week at Blind Pass because she gets excited about finding the same types of shells we like. For most shellers, finding a FLAT SCALLOP is an amazing find but she also loves to find the cutie little KITTENS PAWS, colorful CARDITAS (she uses as clasps), orange SCALLOPS  and she is especially crazy about finding the perfect piece of driftwood.

Seashells for Wendy Miller Sea Jewelry-1

Each piece she makes reflects her love for beach combing. Like you and me, she not only receives shells as gifts from the sea, she told me she receives inspiration from the sea every time she walks the beach. Isn’t that why we all love shelling so much?

Wendy Miller coral necklace jewelry

Like each beach day and every shell, each piece of jewelry has such a unique look and organic feel. Love that!

Wendy Miller kittens paw necklace

If you want to check out some of her other beautiful beach art pieces, her website is called Heart Of A Dolphin you can see by CLICKING HERE

wendy miller beach jewelry

This is why I surround myself with what I love.

seashells from Blind Pass Sanibel-1

shell collecting at sunset-1

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Big Fun on Big Hickory iLoveShelling Cruises

Posted by on Jul 11, 2016 in Big Hickory Island, Day Trips From Sanibel Island Florida & More, Sea Bean, Sight Sea-R Cruises Shelling Boat | 8 comments

Sand dollars pink tellin-1

I always look forward to boating days!


To see big smiles …


On on our iLoveShelling Adventure to Big Hickory with Sight Sea-R Cruises.

beach therapy shells -1

I love when we all can get together to tell shelling stories. Annie brought her JUNONIA she found at Blind pass last week. Shellzam Annie!


It’s such a beautiful place to spend time shelling together.


For the whole family to hunt for treasures together. ;)



conch shells pink tellins-1

Since I’ve been so tied up for the last few months with creating Shell Love Bug (CLICK HERE) I feel so badly I didn’t get to share our awwweeesome trip last month to Big Hickory so I want y’all to know I’ve been thinking of that amazing day too.


Cutie shelling families!





Good friends…


Fab shellers…



New friends…


shells bonita florida


Y’all are such a beautiful sight for sore eyes!


It’s always so cool to see the shells and beach bling everybody finds.


Sealife By Congress Jewelers

shells found bonita florida

This is truly beach therapy.

big hickory beach path-1


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i Love Shelling Cruise to Mystery Rocks

Posted by on May 14, 2016 in Big Hickory Island, Bryozoa, Day Trips From Sanibel Island Florida & More, Sea Bean, Sea Pearl, Sight Sea-R Cruises Shelling Boat | 16 comments

alphabet cone

Nice ALPHABET CONE, Denise!  She found this incredible shell (incredishell) while beach combing with her family Devin, Paul and Gwyneth (they found awesome shells as well!) at Big Hickory Island on our iLoveShelling adventure with Sight Sea-R Cruises earlier this week.

I had such a great time seeing everybody find ANGEL WINGS, WORM SHELLS, SUNRAY VENUS shells and some much more. It’s what makes it so special to me.


beach combing

It was so much fun to talk to Sarah and Catherine about their shelling trip to North Caicos they took last year. After I posted about our trip to Turk and Caicos in 2013, they followed our same trip and loved it just as much as we did.

IMG_6111 seashells on green

I’ve “met” Jason and Twyla on iLveShelling Facebook page but I finally got to meet in person on our trip. It was a blast to hang out with y’all!


Jason showed me the KNOBLESS FIGHTING CONCH he found compared to the regular “knobbed” FIGHTING CONCH. And of course one of a few SAND DOLLARS he found.

knobless knobbed fighting conch

Subreda and Sumita came all the way from Mumbai, India to visit local sheller Menju and to join us for our shelling day. They are awesome they even shared some yummy Indian snacks – deeee-licious.  Thank you so much for shelling with us, y’all.


These are some of Sumita’s shells…


The shelling girls Mickey, Becky and Carolyn came out to shell with us too.


Mickey found her first SEA PEARLS…

sea pearls sea beans swfl

Sisters Robin and Sue went for totally different shells.


Sue found an awesome ALPHIE, ANGELS, TULIP, KINGS CROWNS and cool Beach Bling like BRYOZOANS and SEA PEARLS.


Robin found happiness in the mini shell pile… look at that sweetest lintiest SAND DOLLAR omg.

mini shells

We were in the presents of lots of other mini shell lovers too like Cheri.


Hey Hey, They are back! Jerry and Livy are learning their way around Big Hickory better than anybody on the beach and in the water. They’ve been on this same cruise quite a few time and it’s so dang cool that Jerry shares his knowledge with everybody too.

jerry livy


On our boat ride to the island, I saw Jon and Bob with snorkel gear so I asked Jerry if he would give them any tips. While Romaine combed the beach her men, Jon and Bob snorkeled around the water and used some of Jerry’s advice… Oh yea. Happy faces!


Most of our shellers found their treasures on the beach, like Diane and John…


… and Laura, Mike, Paula and Jim

IMG_6099… and Wendell and Liz . IMG_6098

On the return boat ride after our fabshellous shelling adventure,  Bob and Romaine had mentioned they find Fulgurite pieces (fused quartz that happens when lightning strikes the sand. Remember the movie “Sweet Home Alabama”? ) on beaches of North Carolina and they thought they found some FULGURITE on Big Hickory too. Since shellers are so like minded, I showed their pieces to our whole boat of shellers … come to find out, we all collected similar pieces. Ok, so…. these are the pieces in the photo below. We are still trying to figure out if they could be FULGURITE. Last year on this iLoveShelling cruise, we had a geologist on the boat and he thought it was wave tumbled concrete from an old concrete structure. He thought the holes were old shells that had crumbled over time. Hmmmmmm… the mystery continues. Concrete? Or FULGURITE? Whadaya think?
maybe fulgurite lightning strikes sand rocks

To make the day even happier, everybody received their gift certificate from Congress Jewelers too!

Sealife By Congress Jewelers

It was an amazing day with awesome folks. Thank you for coming!

pam rambo with shellers on cruise


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Cruisin’ To Cone Shell Country

Posted by on Mar 26, 2016 in Big Hickory Island, Day Trips From Sanibel Island Florida & More, Sea anemone, Sight Sea-R Cruises Shelling Boat | 10 comments

find florida cones and alphabet cones

We found so many CONE shells down by the seashore at Big Hickory Island this week. Sweet giant JINGLE SHELLS, WORMIES and WHELKS were among the beauties we found as well.

jingle shells coral wormies and whelks

Meet Super Sheller Dale in the red shirt. He found “CONE COUNTRY” with those ALPHABET CONES and FLORIDA CONES in the first image plus a few more fun favorite shells with Sandi and Kelvin all visiting from Illinois.

Dale, Sandi Kelvin IL visit florida for seashells

We had so many cool shellers like SW Florida locals Kelli and Howard join us on this gorgeous day for our iLoveShelling beach combing adventure with Sight Sea-R Cruises.

Kelli and Howard Cape Coral FL find shells
alphabet cones sand dollars conch shells

So much fun to meet Brett and Meg from Virginia. I think being 7 months pregnant has made Meg’s shelling eye even more keen.

Brett and Meg VA visit SW Florida for beach combing

She found some awesome treasures so I’m hoping they have a little sheller on the way since their little one has already felt the joy that shelling has.

sand dollar and Florida shells

Brian and Kristen (Chicago) were the SAND DOLLAR magnets.

Brian Kristen Chicago beach finds vacation Florida

sand dolaars and seashells

Peggy (also from IL) loves the CORAL like I do- she found an awesome branch.

peggy IL beach finds

collecting beach finds

Mary Ellen from Minnesota was so smart to fill her plastic shell bag with sand to protect her ANGEL WINGS and other fragile shells. Love that!

Mary Ellen MN with beach finds in Florida

John and Mary (WI) found 3 live colorful SEA ANEMONES hanging out on a BANDED TULIP.

John and Mary WI sea anemone on tulip

Once we marveled at the color and saw this creature “flowering” when we dipped it in the water, I took it out a little deeper in the water to return it to the Gulf Of Mexico. Always fun to see the different creatures of the sea!

sea amemone on tulip shell sw florida

Seeing this photo of Margaret (NY) and her daughter Danielle (RI) just makes me smile. They are so sweet together and mother and daughter shellers

It makes my day to see families enjoying the thrill of the beach hunt together. It was a pleasure to hang out on the beach with Miriam, Emily, Laurie and Jim (Oregon) and to find ANGEL WINGS, OLIVES and SHARKS EYES with them. ❤︎

Miriam Emily Laurie Jim Oregon beach combers in SW Florida

A shelling family is a happy family because it’s so much fun to learn about the beach. Wes, Ruba, Laurie and Neal (Virginia), thank you for bringing your kids Teagan, Ethan, Matthew and Lilli on our shelling adventure. I had so much fun walking the beach with them and answering all of their questions about all the different shells and bling they found.

Wes, Ruba, Teagan, Ethan, Matthew, Lilli, Laura, Neal Roanake VA

It was way too cute to see the beach finds they chose when I asked them what their favorite things were that they found on the beach.

kids shelling finds
Hershel, Connie, Nathalie, Collin, Kylie and Scott (Indiana) were celebrating Nathalie and Scott’s 20 year anniversary. Such a fun way to shellebrate with their family!

family shelling trip

crown conch olive whelks and sand dollars

You never know what you will find shelling by the seashore. On our cruise, most shellers hit Cone Country and I found a sun, fun shell filled day with the sweetest shelling families and friends old and new… my favorite days.

stoop for shells

PS- Have a wonderful Easter Weekend!

Pam shell easter basket

Stoop, scoop, "Whoop!". Our beach therapy chant. #iLoveShellingAdventure

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