I was very honored to be asked to help raise money for children’s educational programs at The Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum. Of course I said “yes” … then they asked me dress as a Cephalopod. Uhhh well alrighty then.

Hmmmm Do I want to be a SQUID? That’d be … NO. Do I want to be a CUDDLEFISH? Uh…not so much. Do I want to be an OCOTOPUS? Eh… maybe. But ooooooo… the regal CHAMBERED NAUTILUS… oh yes! I wanna be QUEEN NAUTILUS! hahaha

So I started making a NAUTILUS shell costume.

how to make a seashell costume

Then I made a seashell crown (of course with a crown jewel JUNONIA in the center)…seashell shell crown tiara Pam Rambo junonia

Then the shelling community came together to raise funding for some wonderful programs to support children’s education at the Shell Museum.

The Cephalebrities … Joey Almeida (Joey’s Custard), Brenden Albrgiht (John Naumann), Robin Roberts (ReMax of the Islands), Calli and Bailie Johnson (Bailey’s General Store), Mary Bondurant (Bondurant Realty) and then there’s me (Shelleopatra Nautilus Queen for the night- heehee)

It was a fabshellous night!

Thanks to so many of you who donated to the Shell Museum by “tipping” me (and Shell Love Bug) – thank you for your support! We raised lots of money for such a good cause.

PS- I’ve been so busy cleaning up from Hurricane Irma then making this costume so I haven’t even had a chance to give yall an update on the shelling lately- Im so sorry! Well it’s been pretty awesome…