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Collecting seashells on the beaches of Sanibel, Captiva and the world

Abshellute Shellmania!

I was at Blind Pass Captiva to witness three JUNONIAS being found after we had a nice storm from the gulf last week. It was shellmania at its best!

Jo was a little too shy to have her photo taken but this was first one she found… Yup! I said FIRST one.

She found TWO!

Barbara found a JUNONIA too! Can you believe all of her other shellmazing finds too??

Sisters Cathy and Linda found some crazy shelltastic finds.

Here are just a few gorgeous specimens…

Wanna peek inside one of the bags? Me too! So I clicked a photo of the inside of Cathy’s shell bag. Oh My!

Julia and Ashlee were on top of the huge shell mound just raking it in…

I couldnt believe the TULIPS…



The shells came in so quickly and the pile got so shellnormous, everybody started digging to find treasure after treasure.

See the waves crashing over the top of the huge shell pile? The shells just kept rolling in with every wave.

This SCOTCH BONNET was probably the prettiest I’ve seen in a long time. Honestly, it was like shellphoria!

Ooooo and the ALPHIES…

But wait…. this may be the most spectacsheller shell find last week. Heather found not just a LION’S PAW, but she found…. wait for it…. a HAIRY TRITON. And the HAIRY TRITON had hair!

The HAIRY TRITON is more rare than the JUNONIA so I am soooo thrilled for her. Congratshellations Heather!

hairy triton lions paw mollusk sea shell

Just so you know, a huge shell pile with JUNONIAS, SCOTCH BONNETS and big LIGHTNING WHELKS  doesn’t happen very often but when it does we all shellebrate. This happened last weekend and it was SO MUCH FUN and all of us are so thankful we got experience it. Later in the week the wind shifted so lots of the shells got swept away…. but now the wind has picked up and shifted again. Yay! Maybe we’ll have another round of shellmania soon but who knows… it’s Mother Nature. She likes to keep us guessing!


  1. Wow! I’ve never seen a wormie or a Scotch Bonnet so big.

  2. What day was this? We were at Blind Pass on Saturday and there was a pretty big shell pile but nothing like that. Sunday the 14th at the lighthouse was pretty good!

    • I can’t believe we missed it! I would have loved to meet you, Pam Rambo, and see all the great finds! My sister and I went to Bowman’s Beach this morning but we didn’t find much so we headed to the Lighthouse since we’d been at Blind Pass on Saturday…oh well, still had a fun morning before heading home. Glad everyone had a great day!

  3. This was the BEST SHELLING DAY EVER! We were so excited to play in that huge shell pile. Pam, it was a joy meeting you. Thank you for your sweetness and enthusiasm – you are just precious.

    • Yes, Linda! That’s what I was going to say but you said it first and best. This was the last day of our vacation so we truly felt blessed to experience this. It was even more fun when Pam showed up. Good time!

  4. This was the BEST SHELLING DAY EVER! We had so much fun playing in that shell pile. Pam, it was a joy meeting you. Thank you for your sweetness and enthusiasm – you are such a joy.

  5. So wonderful. We were there once when there was a huge shell pile by the jetty . What fun to sit and sift the day away. Thanks for sharing all the pictures. Makes me want to be there more than ever, Sandi from Illinois

  6. Sooooo jealous!!!! Thanks for sharing all the wonderful finds😉✌🏻❤️🐚

  7. What an amazing adventure! I am insanely jealous! You just never know…

    Thanks for the inspiration, Pam!

    It’s been raining in RI over 2 weeks-seeing Sanibel & Captiva gives me hope sunny days are coming.

    Hoping to join you on a shell cruise if you do any in mid-July.

  8. Amazing finds!! Counting the days until I get there! Less than 2 weeks now! Soooo excited!!

  9. Do you think all these wonderful shells are a result of the dredging equipment stirring up shells on the bottom so more than usual wash up on the beach?

  10. Zowie! What great fun!

  11. What a fantastic day! So much fun!

  12. Wow. That is absolutely amazing. I so wish that I would have been there to experience that. So many beautiful shells.

  13. Amazing finds! I think I’ll head there tomorrow and see if there is anything left!

  14. Hi Pam it’s Jennifer from Colorado. After our shelling trip to Big Hickory today (5/15) I went over to Light House Beach and found a huge perfect JUNONIA in the water!!!! I wasn’t sure how else to get in touch but wanted to share this exciting news. I’m in disbelief, feel like I’ve won the lottery!!!

  15. Will you have any more shelling trips inn July?

    • Check here. Trips scheduled on July 3 and July 10. :-)

      • Thank you. I was curious if any trips after the 10Jul 17 would be added….:)

        • Monica, I’m sorry–I didn’t realize I posted this twice to you. I hope you do get the chance to go on a trip with Pam!

  16. Shelling days like that will be remembered for a lifetime by those fortunate enough to be there!

  17. I am here at Sanibel until the 24th. Can anyone tell me where the “Shell Love Bug” is? Is it on display somewhere? I would really like to see it before I have to go home.

  18. It’s been a while since we have been down there. Last time we were there the water was extremely murky and there was dredging going on. How is the water now we are planning a trip to blind pass this weekend and are excited to get back.

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