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Collecting seashells on the beaches of Sanibel, Captiva and the world

A Golden Day on Cayo Costa

We started our day with golden sunshine, blue skies, turquoise water and a beautiful boat ride to the island of Cayo Costa to hunt for seashells. We stepped off the Captiva Cruises boat to find the beach looking like this…

By the end of the trip, I was happy to see there were so many beautiful treasures.

I got to finally meet Marianne, Jan and Brian from the Netherlands! Long story short… but I was thrilled to see they are happy and healthy with such an incredishell shelling eye- Way to go Brian! (Thank you so much for the awesome goodies!)


Cutie Shellootie alert!

When we first got to the beach, it looked like a million little white CLAM shells and nothing else…. but then…. Oh Oh Oh! BABY’S EARS!

I love shelling alongside eagle eye guys like Bob when I happen to say “somebody just found a BABYS EAR- start looking for them!”. He’s like Super Sheller Clark when I want him to start looking for a particular shell… Boom Shellalaka! He found not just one but two.

Two days after the cruise, I ended up shelling right along side these super shellers at Blind Pass. So happy you came to Cayo Costa!

Yall should look for these gals on the beach whenever you have any questions ;). They knew all the really cool unusual types of shells out there.

Yay! So good to see yall!

Another BABYS EAR! But eeek… Im so bad on names- please forgive me yall. Thank you for giving me another article on COWRIES, another Miss Cutie Shellootie. (She gave me a COWRIE she found in Hawaii but I couldnt remember the name of it… it’s a SERPENT HEAD COWRIE.)

Be still my heart… I knew this was gonna be a fun cruise when I met these shellers. I meant to ask about her shelling bag… that design is so darn cute.

Talking about hearts… I think she made the whole trip filled with warm heart-filled joy by talking about all the fun shelloot she’d found on the beaches before the cruise. Then she found a gorgeous scallop actually shaped like a heart. It wasn’t broken… it truly had grown with a dip down in the middle so it looked just like a heart. Sharing the shellove.

Then I met this awesome family…

We got to talking on the way back .. then Tyler shows me an OLIVE. “Do you think this is a GOLDEN OLIVE?” he asked.

Shellzam! Heck yea thats a GOLDEN OLIVE and it’s perfect and buttery rich. Wow- Congrats!

golden olive butter color

PS- Awesome shelling at Blind Pass this weekend- photos and story coming up soon. ;)


  1. Joe and I had the BEST time ever on your cruise! I told you I had been following you for a couple years and it was great to meet you in person. Your enthusiasm and my obsession may just convert my husband who claims not to be a sheller. Ha! That’s me and Joe in the Twins cap above. We met you at Blind Pass a couple days later. It was the last day of our trip and the shells were so Shellfantastic, I was literally high for the entire day! Just after you left I found a junonia!!! OK, it was very broken but very big and the other shellers were very impressed! You and another sweet, sweet local lady just handed me a couple shells. Shellers are so kind. I promise I will pay it forward. In MN I won’t be handing out shells but I will find another way. FYI I start most every day with Arlo Guthrie singing “Amazing Grace” (you may be too young to know him) viewing an I Love Shelling video with my cup of coffee. It always starts my day out right despite the snow and cold. Keep up the great work girl, We love you!

  2. Stuart and I had a blast on your cruise! This was the 3rd time we’ve been on an I Love Shelling cruise with you, Pam, and we will definitely be on one again! You always teach us something new, and we always have so much fun on our outing. We are the soaked ones in our street clothes in the picture above. We had no intention of getting completely soaked when we arrived at Cayo Costa. Funny how the search for the perfect shell will lead you deeper into the waters! (Or possibly I was just a bit clumsy and stepped off a shell ledge and into the deep water! I’ll never tell!) Ready to come back and do it all again! We are landlocked in Wichita, KS and absolutely love shelling and love Sanibel! Stopped by Congress Jewelers, and got myself a new charm, too!

  3. Just a bit shellous! Tried to go on the trip and it was full, hope to catch another one. Love the shells that were found especially the white crested tellin and the golden olive. So glad everyone had a great time!

  4. Hey Pam, I am a big fan of you and seashells, please upload new videos of seashelling in youtube because I love watching the process!!

    Thank you and have a great seashelling day!

  5. Hi Pam, we have returned safely to Texas, and thinking about all our adventures on Sanibel. It was very cool to be on your shelling cruise, and then to see you at the Gulfside Beach and meet your husband, Clark, the Super Sheller. Thanks for your kindness and for sharing that awesome Baby’s Ear with us. Then Bob spied two more! We had a great time! Of course, having a junonia roll up out of the surf at our feet on Turner Beach that Saturday morning, was truly exciting! Enjoying your website, and appreciate your encouragement. Til we meet again, blessings to you & yours……

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