Treasures of Beachcombing on Fort Myers Beach


assortment of shells collected while beach combing swfl

These shells are just a few of many beautiful gifts from the sea I could have easily plucked off the beach and popped in my beach bucket.

beachcombing on fort myers beach

I have oodles of shells already in my house (and my yard, garage, porch, walkways, car, and of course the “shellaboratory) so I had to use restraint. But OMG, look at what washed up on south Fort Myers Beach! I showed this photo in my post but it was a little blurry so I’m trying again so you can see in just a tiny area, what kinds of shells and Beach Bling washed up together. Caryl Renz asked what was in this photo that looked like thousands of tusk shells …. here’s the answer- that’s MANATEE GRASS. When the little tubes of MANATEE GRASS get washed on shore they don’t look like your regular SEA WEED, to me it looks like parmesan cheese sprinkled over a seafood stew on the beach. But I now realize after reading Caryl’s comment, they do look like tusk shells too. Look at all the interesting things in this photo! (I hope this CYBERSHELLING shot a little more clear this time?)

manatee grass with seashells

Did you find these FLORIDA CONES while you were CYBERSHELLING?

florida cones found on Fort Myers Beach

I continued to walk south on the beach to see swarms of people in one area. Oooohhhh! I’ve gotta pick up the pace and find out what they are finding!

crowd of shellers on fort myers beach

An o-ver-whelming amount of shells and bling washed up for about a mile!

collecting sea shells after a storm

My head was spinning! Everywhere I looked, I saw seashells, CRAB SHELLS, STARFISH, SAND DOLLARS and MANATEE GRASS.

cybershelling ft myers beach for seashells

So many people were finding sweet little TRUE TULIPS like this one I saw in a cup on the beach.

seashells in a cup

There were shell lines at the shore line….

shellers stooping for shells in sw florida

But then higher on the beach the wrack line was as wide as … well there really was no “line” …it covered the whole beach! I usually find very cool shells on this beach but the shelling was ridiculous this week!

gobs of shells o ft myers beach

I usually find very cool shells on this beach but the shelling was ridiculous this week!

horse conch fort myers beach

Now you see why I had to use restraint to only pick up a few of my faves. I rinsed my treasures off then sorted them out under a cute little tiki hut . It truly is paradise!

 beach resort tiki hut with shells


shells collected on south Fort Myers Beach Florida

UPDATE: I’ve had lots of folks ask me about parking to get to this beach. In the comments section of this post I responded to Holly so I will repost here as well just in case you don’t read the comments…

There is public parking further north on Flamingo Rd with parking meters. But…. Between you and me….;) there is a shopping center near there called Santini Plaza. Some of the locals say you can park there and walk over to the beach… but don’t quote me on that, please. Id hate to have them mad at me for filling up their parking lot so they don’t have room for their patrons. If the lot is empty, I’m sure its ok but please Just be thoughtful of their parking issues for the businesses. My mission is to share the shelling love <3 but the locals with businesses of Southwest Florida need the love too :) Its gotta be a happy balance to shellebrate together! That beach is best at low tide but Let us know if the piles are still there.

PS- I tried to explain the parking in a previous post about this beach but like I said back then, it’s a little harder to get to so you don’t have as much competition. hahaha so to me thats a good thing!


  1. Kim H says:

    Haha! Loved the Parmesan cheese description! In your first picture what are the little crab like creatures in the top right?

    • pam says:

      They are different kinds of crab shells. The ones on the top right with some of the claws still intact are Purse Crabs and a few of the others are calico crab shells. cute, huh?

  2. Mary Ann Preston says:

    Oh my word!!!! How lucky everyone is sharing in those finds! Enjoy every minute all. Keep shelling & showing!

    Wishing I was there

    Mary Ann
    East Granby. CT

  3. Lisa says:

    Wow! Is the shelling always this good at that location? I’m wondering if its worth a day trip over there when we come down in May.

  4. Toni Boldy says:

    Love the little jewel boxes. Usually the ones I find are white. Are they a different type shell?

  5. Your treasure chest of shells is amazing! I wanted to snatch that person’s cup right out of the picture.
    Just saw your interview with Peter from January and enjoyed it as well.

    • pam says:

      Hi Diane! That was so much fun with Peter Greenberg- I was a little nervous but he made me feel right at home. :) Rudy Maxa was just here too! I need to put that audio up too- he’s a blast.

      • Charlotte Adams says:

        Just posted on ILS FACEBOOK pix of a great way to attach jingle shells in SEASIDE SHADOW BOXES… oh it’s been such a blast creating with treasures from the GULF !! Luv my SHELLING CRUISE bumper sticker:)


  6. Susan Dodson says:

    Why oh why am I land locked??? Love cyber shelling this morning!! Thank you!!!

  7. Tammy Stephens says:

    I am so jealous right now, I am ashamed of myself!!!! :(

  8. Traci says:

    Hi Pam!!

    Its veen soooo long since I posted…tooo long!! It’s been a down right cold snowy icey winter up here in Virginia!! Snow storm every other week since Thanksgiving, literally, no joke! We have another hitting on Tuesday this next week and had one last Monday! This winter season just doesnt want to end. Uggg….

    Ive been trying to keep up with your posts. Have several trips to Sanivel planned for July and August!! Can not wait!!!

    Never had made it to Ft. Myer beaches for shelling. I think I must do this!! Live the cyber shelling!! Keep posting cyber shelling….its a life saver for a beach fix!

    Headed to OBX in April…cant wait!!!

  9. Hannah says:

    Hi Pam!
    This is soooo awesome! Can’t wait for my first visit to Sanibel in May! Very excited about taking your shelling cruise:) how do you know what beach is good for shells when we come? We plan on visiting all Sanibel beaches and going to Fort Myers one day! Love all of your post!

    • pam says:

      Hi Hannah! keep watching for my posts before u get here and when u r here. If I know about a “not to miss” shell pile, I will post it here or immediately on the iLoveShelling Facebook page. I can’t be at all beaches at one time, so the shelling might be best right where you are staying. Just enjoy what Mother Nature brings to you on that day ….. and … I look forward to meeting you on the shelling cruise!

  10. Laura says:

    What a great haul!!!! Love the cybershelling!!
    Laura :)

  11. Pam – in the 1st photo you posted = on the far right – thre are several shells that look off white with pink or rose splotches – can you tell me what they are??
    Have most of everthong else – but OH BOY DO I WISH I WAS THERE! Still on my bucket list – if I live that long.
    Janet in AZ

  12. Ann says:

    Just completed my move from the frozen north to Pine Island. Start my new job on Cayo Costa tomorrow. Can’t wait for next weekend to get to the beaches and start shellling!
    Thanks, Pam, for keeping me inspired <3

  13. Love your term The “shellaboratory” My house is becoming like yours with seashells and sea glass.

  14. Brenda rice says:

    Just beautiful seems your beaches are benefitting from all the fronts that are coming and going

  15. karen says:

    OMG, these shells all arrived after I left Sanibel (last Wed). I did finally find my 1st alphabet cone (not the prettiest, but I found it and it’s mine) what’s the trick to finding them Pam. Hoping to take another cruise and bring my daughter and grandsons along. Coming back in April. Hope Mother Nature is kind to us.

  16. Bette says:

    Pam, Looks like fun and your loot is beautiful! Love your tiny true tulips and those Colorful Moonsnails! Wish Rick and I could’ve been there!:)

  17. Susan H says:

    Wow, look at those two beautiful crested tellins in perfect condition… How nice is that?

  18. Wendy says:

    I’m in ft myers right now but on the north end of the island. Can someone please provide specifics to where this awesome shell pile is located. My friends and I could walk there. Help us please!!

  19. Holly says:

    I found a Pointe Estero Resort. Is there anywhere close that a sheller can park?

  20. Jenny Bean says:

    I want to go back so bad! Love your site Pam! I got some nice shells when I was out there, not as many whole shells as I wish I could have gotten, but I got some nice ones. I wish I had been able to find some sand dollars and I wish I had bumped into you Pam when I was out there. I was hoping. :) Maybe next time. I am planning a visit to Galveston in the Fall with another friend so maybe I can find some beach bling down there. I had a bad day at work yesterday and the migraine is still lingering today and I was wishing I could do some shelling after work… stinks to be landlocked.

    JennyBean <3

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